Christopher Page (conductor and medieval music scholar)

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1985A Feather on the Breath of GodAbbess Hildegard of Bingen; Gothic Voices, Christopher Page, Emma Kirkby2
1986The Garden of ZephirusGothic Voices, Christopher Page42
1987The Castle of Fair Welcome: Courtly Songs of the Later Fifteenth CenturyGothic Voices, Christopher Wilson, Christopher Page1
1987The Mirror of NarcissusGuillaume de Machaut; Emma Kirkby, Margaret Philpot, Rogers Covey‐Crump, Gothic Voices, Christopher Page1
1987The Service of Venus and MarsGothic Voices, Andrew Lawrence‐King, Christopher Page2
1988A Song for Francesca: Music in Italy, 1330-1430Gothic Voices, Christopher Page, Andrew Lawrence‐King3
1990The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Motets and Songs from Thirteenth Century FranceGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1991The Medieval Romantics: French Songs & Motets 1340-1440Gothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1992Lancaster and Valois: French and English Music, c1350–1420Gothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1992The Study of LoveGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1993The Voice in the GardenGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1994The Spirits of England and France, 1: Music of the Middle Ages for Court and ChurchGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1995The Spirits of England and France, 2: Songs of the TrouvèresGothic Voices, Christopher Page42
1995The Spirits of England and France, 3: Binchois and His ContemporariesGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1996The Spirits of England and France 4: Missa Caput and the story of the Salve reginaGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1997The Spirits of England and France 5: Missa Veterem hominemGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
1998Missa de feria / Missa Sancta Dei genitrixPierre de la Rue; Gothic Voices, Christopher Wilson, Shirley Rumsey, Christopher Page41
1998Jerusalem: Vision of PeaceGothic Voices, Christopher Page1
1999Masters of the RollsGothic Voices, Christopher Page2
2000The Earliest Songbook in EnglandGothic Voices, Christopher Page2

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