Mumble Etc. (General Mumble and Koa)

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201424 Hours of Paindavhors! // Mumble Etc. // Glaze1

Album + Compilation

2013Mumble Bundle 2k13Mumble Etc.1
2014Mumble Bundle 2k14Mumble Etc.1
2015Mumble Bundle 2k15Mumble Etc.1
2016V: Selected works 2011–2016 – A Celebration of 5 years of musicMumble Etc. & Barrfparty1
2016Mumble Bundle 2k16Mumble Etc.1
2017Mumble Bundle 2k17Mumble Etc.1
2018Mumble Bundle 2k18Mumble Etc.1
2019Mumble Bundle 2k19Mumble Etc.1
2020Mumble Bundle 2k20Mumble Etc.1
2021Mumble Bundle 2k21Mumble Etc.1
2022Mumble Bundle 2k22Mumble Etc.1
2023Mumble Bundle 2k23Mumble Etc.1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2020Mumble Etc. party mix except it's 3AM and the host has work in the morningMumble Etc.1

Album + Compilation + Demo

2018WiP’d Cream, Vol. 1Mumble Etc.1
2018WiP’d Cream, Vol. 2Mumble Etc.1
2019WiP’d Cream, Vol. 3Mumble Etc.1
2020WiP’d Cream, Vol. 4Mumble Etc.1
2022WiP’d Cream, Vol. 5Mumble Etc.1
2023WiP’d Cream, Vol. 6Mumble Etc.1

Album + Soundtrack

202377p egg: Eggwife – Official Soundtrack, Vol. 1Mumble Etc.1


2014Pryda Snare Modification PackMumble Etc. Bits1
2015Rotløs’ Redikuløs KiksMumble Etc. Bits1
2015Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 1Mumble Etc. Bits1
2015Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 2Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 3Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Anything’s a snare if you try hard enoughMumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s field recordings, Vol: 4Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 5Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 6Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 7Mumble Etc. Bits1
2016Mumble’s Household Object Impacts, Vol: 1Mumble Etc. Bits1
2017Dogge II Drum SamplesMumble Etc. Bits1
2017Mumble’s IRL Drum Kit SamplesMumble Etc. Bits1
2017Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 8Mumble Etc. Bits1
2017Mumble’s Household Object Impacts, Vol: 2Mumble Etc. Bits1
2018Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 9Mumble Etc. Bits1
2018Mumble’s Household Object Impacts, Vol: 3Mumble Etc. Bits1
2019Mumble’s Field Recordings, Vol: 10Mumble Etc. Bits1
2019FL Drums Modification PackMumble Etc. Bits1
2019Drum Loops, Vol: 1Mumble Etc. Bits1
2019Mumble & Koa’s Target SamplesMumble Etc. Bits1
2019Mumble & Koa’s Sample PlapperMumble Etc. Bits1
2021Spott’s Dick‐Kickin’ KixMumble Etc. Bits1
2022Spott’s Happy Heartcore Perc PackMumble Etc. Bits1
2023Mumble’s Electric Kit UnpluggedMumble Etc. Bits1

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