Luke (aka Luther Campbell (2 Live Crew))

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
In the News Luke 0:52
Intro Luke 1:47
Intro Luke 0:46
Intro Luke 1:05
It's Dat Booty Dat You Shaking - 137 DJ Smurf feat. Luke 6:22
It's Your Birthday Luke 3:28
It's Your Birthday Luke 3:50
It's Your Birthday (Jurassic Fight Club & Goldhammer edit) Luke 3:46
It's Your Birthday (special edit) Luke ?:??
It's Your Birthday (special edit) Luke 3:42
JC's Detailed Car Wash Luke 1:24
Kiss Each Other Skit Luke 1:05
L.L.O.L.M. Luke 1:26
Left to Right Luke 4:06
Left to Right Luke 4:53
Left to Right Luke ?:??
Left to Right (extended) Luke 7:00
Let's Ride Luke 3:13
Let's Ride Luke 3:28
Like This Like That Luke 3:50
Lipstick on My Dick Luke 2:50
Live and Let Die Luke 6:17
Live and Let Die Luke 4:59
Live at Freaknik Luke 3:34
Lollipop Luke 4:07
Luke Mega Mix Luke 3:13
Luke's Sheila Luke 3:15
Luke's Sheila Luke 4:30
Luke's Sheila (remix) Luke 4:00
Marvin Dixon (skit) Luke 0:47
Marvin's Comedy Show Luke 1:00
Me Partly Luke 4:19
Me So Horny Luke 4:41
Megamix Luke 4:07
Megamix Luke 5:20
Megamix Luke 3:05
Megamix Luke 5:49
Menage a Trois Luke 3:29
Menage A Trois Luke 5:09
Menege a Tois, Part II Luke 5:06
Message Luke 2:52
Message Luke 2:24
Movin' Along Luke 5:06
Never Forget From Whence You Came Luke 4:47
New Workout Plan (remix) Kanye West feat. Luke, Twista & Farnsworth Bentley 4:02
News Report Luke 2:54
No Rubber Luke 0:42
Off da Hook Luke 4:45
Ol' G Luke 4:10
One Black and a Bunch of Dirty White Boys Luke 4:20
Out da Closet Luke 1:16
Out Of Control Luke 1:51
Outro Luke 3:36
Outro Luke 1:08
Party Don't Start Luke 3:55
Payback is a Mutha Luke 4:21
Pimple on My Dick Luke 0:50
Pop That Pussy Luke 3:32
Pre-Masterbatorial Luke 4:37
Pussy Ass Kid and Ho Ass Play (Bustdown & JT Money) Luke ?:??
Pussy Ass Kid and Hoe Ass Play Luke feat. Bustdown & JT Money 4:30
R U Ready Luke 4:46
Racing Beats Luke 3:50
Raise the Roof Luke 3:09
Raise the Roof Luke feat. No Good But So Good & Jiggie 3:28
Raise the Roof Luke 3:29
Raise the Roof Luke feat. No Good But So Good & Jiggie 3:27
Represent Luke 4:14
Roll Wit Luke Luke 4:02
Save Me From the Devil Luke 4:25
Scarred Luke 3:28
Scarred Luke 3:32
Scarred Luke 3:32
Seek and Jive Luke 4:29
Shake a Lil' Somethin Luke 4:10
Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya Luke 4:02
Sheryl Underwood (skit) Luke 0:16
Shout Outs Luke 6:16
Shout Outs Luke 4:53
Shoutouts Luke 4:51
Sing to Me Softly Luke 6:33
Sing to Me Softly Luke 6:39
So So Def Quad (feat. Kandi) Luke 4:08
Some Ol Bullsh-t Luke 4:25
Sommore #1 (skit) Luke 0:35
Sommore #2 (skit) Luke 0:37
Sonia Luke 3:25
Sonia Luke 3:13
Squirrel Luke 3:31
Stop Looking at My Dick Luke 0:51
Straight Beef Luke 4:07
Suck This Dick Luke 4:08
T. K. the Pussyologist Luke 1:40
Take It Off Luke 4:35
Take It Off Luke 4:36
Talkin' Shit Luke 4:38
Tell Me What You Know Luke 6:04
That's How I Feel Luke 3:27
The Boy Got Some Dick Luke 0:24
The Hero Luke 3:20

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