Legal name: 中原昌也 (Japanese musician and author)

Also performs as: Violent Onsen Geisha



2003Intelligent LandscapesHair Stylistics1
2004Custom Cock Confused DeathHair Stylistics2
2007AM5:00+Hair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 8: Welcome to the FutureHair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 9: LoopsHair Stylistics1
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 1: Pop BottakuriHair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 2: Gracia a la vivaHair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 3: Hard MärchenHair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 4: Electric Success in the GhettoHair Stylistics2
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 5: 30 Minute Panty PeopleHair Stylistics1
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 6: Wild Hair StyleHair Stylistics1
2008Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 7: Two Things… and HarmonyHair Stylistics1
2009Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 10: Singing for JusticeHair Stylistics1
2009Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 11: I Was GayHair Stylistics1
2009Monthly Hair Stylistics, Vol. 12: Big Audio Dynamite ShitHair Stylistics1
2009Monthly Hair Stylistics Mystery DiscHair Stylistics1
2009Expanded PussiesHair Stylistics1
2009CDR 1Hair Stylistics1
2009CDR 2Hair Stylistics1
2009[untitled] (2009)Hair Stylistics1
2010I Hate Your DreamHair Stylistics1
2010Throbbing GrizzlyHair Stylistics1
2010Final Violent ShitHair Stylistics1
2010[untitled] (2010)Hair Stylistics1
2010CD-R03Hair Stylistics1
2010CD-R04Hair Stylistics1
2010No TitlesHair Stylistics1
2010No PonyHair Stylistics1
2010The Rape DojoHair Stylistics1
2010The Rape CommanderHair Stylistics1
2010Transparent GraveHair Stylistics1
2010EPHair Stylistics1
2010Punkrock Rape ScandalHair Stylistics1
2010The Dangerous BarbarianHair Stylistics1
2010At the Messy HutHair Stylistics1
2010The Spiritual InspirationsHair Stylistics1
2010Uselessness of 40 YearsHair Stylistics1
2010Next Level AlbumHair Stylistics1
2010Symphonic NymphomationHair Stylistics1
2010The Heavy Metal LessenHair Stylistics1
2010Forever Shibuya HMVHair Stylistics1
2010Portrait of Psychic VentriloquistHair Stylistics1
2010After Death Party TimeHair Stylistics1
2010Freedom of EmptyHair Stylistics1
2010Like a Prety LadyHair Stylistics1
2010Masturbation of RealityHair Stylistics1
2010The Blood Sucking AnimalsHair Stylistics1
2010Best Acting of H.S.Hair Stylistics1
2010The Maximam No RespectHair Stylistics1
2010Hate ManassasHair Stylistics1
2010No VibsHair Stylistics1
2010Combopiano-1 + Hair StylisticsCombopiano-1 + Hair Stylistics1
2010Empty FlagsHair Stylistics1
2010For Noise Party PeopleHair Stylistics1
2010Fuck DecaroHair Stylistics1
2010Never Ending Fuck!Hair Stylistics1
2010The Middle Age MassacreHair Stylistics1
2010The Secret Band RehersalHair Stylistics1
2011Back to Blues TimeHair Stylistics1
2011Requiem for YouHair Stylistics1
2011FirstHair Stylistics2
2011Boo BoxieHair Stylistics1
2011Here Come the Warm ShitsHair Stylistics1
2011Problem HairHair Stylistics1
2011The Hairport ConventionHair Stylistics1
2011Beautiful SundayHair Stylistics1
2011From the HeartHair Stylistics1
2011Jailhouse FlashfucksHair Stylistics1
2011Plays SongHair Stylistics1
2011Sexy WorldHair Stylistics1
2011Wety PeopleHair Stylistics1
2011PaftHair Stylistics1
2011Smiley, Soil SmileyHair Stylistics1
2011The Hot RosesHair Stylistics1
2011Favorite Sick MoodsHair Stylistics1
2011Killer Bushman EngageHair Stylistics1
2011Maiden VoyageHair Stylistics1
2011No HistoryHair Stylistics1
2011World of Audio SexHair Stylistics1
2011Poetic MemoriesHair Stylistics1
2011Animal SabotageHair Stylistics1
2011Hot PlayersHair Stylistics1
2011Hustler Power Electronics ConventionHair Stylistics1
2011Toxic MoneyHair Stylistics1
2011Anal Conflict ImagesHair Stylistics1
2011Killing HornyHair Stylistics1
2011Lazy SoundsHair Stylistics1
2011Monumental CompanionHair Stylistics1
2011The Rock BibleHair Stylistics1
2011Cool ObsessionHair Stylistics1
2011The Chatterley BallsHair Stylistics1
2011The Dynamic MythologyHair Stylistics1
2011The Sleep UpHair Stylistics1
2011Forever Hug CenterHair Stylistics1
2011Music After DeathHair Stylistics1
2011New HopeHair Stylistics1
2011No ProgressHair Stylistics1
2011The Cold HairHair Stylistics1
2012The Magic BloseHair Stylistics1
2012Erase TimeHair Stylistics1

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