Frederic Chiu (pianist)

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1991Bach/Busoni, Strauss/Schulz-Evler, Wagner/Liszt & Other TranscriptionsBach/Busoni, Strauss/Schulz-Evler, Wagner/Liszt; Frederic Chiu1
1992Piano Sonatas (complete)Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1992Prokofiev, vol. III: Piano Sonatas VIII–IXProkofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1993Three Sonatas, op. 6, op. 105, op. 106 / Rondo Capriccioso, op. 14Mendelssohn; Frederic Chiu1
1993Sins of Old AgeRossini; Frederic Chiu1
1995ReflectionsRavel, Decaux, Schönberg; Frederic Chiu1
1996Prokofiev, vol. VI: Six Pieces op. 52 / Sonatinas op. 54 / Three Pieces op. 59Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1996Prokofiev, vol. V: Sarcasms op. 17 / Fugitive Visions op. 22 / Four Pieces op. 3 / Four Pieces op. 4 / Toccata op. 11Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1996Prokofiev, vol. II: Piano Sonatas V–VIIProkofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1997Twelve Études, Op. 10 / Four Rondos, Op. 1, 5, 16, 73Chopin; Frederic Chiu1
1997Prokofiev, vol. VII: Tales of an Old Grandmother op. 31 / Juvenilia / Music for Children op. 65 / Ten Pieces op. 12Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1998Lieder Transcriptions: Schwanengesang / Die ForelleSchubert / Liszt; Frederic Chiu1
1998Prokofiev, vol. VIII: Four Etudes, op. 2 / Four Pieces op. 32 / Things in Themselves op. 45 / Thoughts op. 62Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
1999Prokofiev Piano Works, vol. IX: TranscriptionsProkofiev; Frederic Chiu1
2002The Sonatas for Violin & PianoBrahms; Pierre Amoyal, Frederic Chiu1
2003Complete MazurkasChopin; Frederic Chiu2
2015Distant VoicesFrederic Chiu1
2016Hymns & DervishesFrederic Chiu1
2019Symphony V & VIIBeethoven, Liszt; Frederic Chiu2

Album + Compilation

2001Complete Music for Solo PianoSergei Prokofiev; Frederic Chiu1
2001Rossini Piano Music: Sins of Old Age (selections) / William Tell OvertureRossini; Frederic Chiu1

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