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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
’Coz I Can Hardknox 4:53
Ain't Going Down Hardknox 8:04
Attitude Hardknox 4:50
Attitude Hardknox ?:??
Attitude (The Strongroom mix) Hardknox 5:47
Body Go Hardknox 3:51
Combat Alley Hardknox ?:??
Come in Hard Hardknox 6:19
Come In Hard Hardknox 6:20
Come in Hard (Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll) Hardknox ?:??
Come In Hard (I don't like Rock & Roll) Hardknox 3:49
Come in Hard (I Don't Like Rock and Roll) Hardknox 6:20
Coming Back With a Sword Hardknox 7:21
Coz I Can Hardknox 5:07
Coz I Can Hardknox 5:04
Coz I Can Hardknox 4:55
Coz I Can Hardknox 3:57
Coz I Can The Hardknox ?:??
Coz I Did Hardknox 5:24
Coz I Did The Hardknox ?:??
Do You Wanna Hear Satan? Hardknox 5:57
Exploration Hardknox 7:00
Fire Like Dis Hard Knox 5:41
Fire Like Dis Hardknox 5:40
Fire Like Dis The Hardknox ?:??
Fire Like Dis (Kinzy remix) Hardknox 5:21
Fire Like This Hardknox 4:39
Fire Like This Hardknox 5:43
Fire Like This Hardknox 4:38
Fire Like This Hardknox 5:40
Fire Like This Hardknox 4:24
Hardknox Round 2 Hardknox, The ?:??
Hip Hop Pranksters The Hardknox ?:??
Just Me 'n' You Hardknox 6:11
Psychopath Hardknox GBBMQ9800072 4:14
Psychopath Hardknox 6:45
Psychopath Hardknox 6:45
Psychopath Hardknox 5:07
Psychopath Hardknox, The ?:??
Resistance Is Futile Hardknox 5:31
The Prophet CJ Bolland vs Hardknox 3:32
What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) (Hardknox mix) Fu‐Schnickens vs. Hardknox 4:55
What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) (Hardknox Mix) Fu‐Schnickens with Shaquille O’Neal Vs. Hardknox 4:55
Who's Money Hardknox 5:52
Who's Money? Hardknox 4 5:54

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