1991A Word of Science: The 1st & Final ChapterNightmares on Wax11
1995Smokers DelightNightmares on Wax9
1999Carboot SoulNightmares on Wax3.59
2002Mind ElevationNightmares on Wax4
2006In a Space Outta SoundNightmares on Wax5
2008Thought So…Nightmares on Wax5
2013Feelin’ GoodNightmares on Wax3
2017Wax Da ChillNightmares On Wax1
2017Wax Da SoulNightmares On Wax1
2018Shape the FutureNightmares on Wax3
2021Shout Out! To Freedom...Nightmares on Wax1
2023Re-Imagineering Meditation MixNightmares on Wax1

Album + Compilation

2009An exclusive collection of personal favourtites from DJ E.a.s.eNightmares on Wax1
2009Smokers Delight / Carboot SoulNightmares on Wax1
2010Coming HomeNightmares on Wax1
2010Wax Da Beach Ibiza: Season 1Nightmares on Wax1
2014N.O.W. Is the TimeNightmares on Wax3

Album + Compilation + Live + DJ-mix

2013Boiler Room: Nightmares On Wax in London, Aug 28, 2013Nightmares On Wax1
2016Boiler Room: Nightmares On Wax in Recife, Jan 22, 2016Nightmares On Wax1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2000DJ-Kicks: Nightmares on WaxNightmares on Wax2
2003LateNightTales: Nightmares on WaxNightmares on Wax3
2006My DefinitionNightmares on Wax1
2011Nightmares on Wax Presents: Wax da BeachNightmares on Wax1
2019Back to Mine: Nightmares on WaxNightmares on Wax53
2022Early HoursNightmares On Wax1

Album + Live

2022Shout Out! To Freedom... Live At Pikes IbizaNightmares On Wax1

Album + Remix

2022Remixed! To Freedom...Nightmares on Wax1

Album + Demo

2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 1Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 2Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 3Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 4Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 5Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 6Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 7Nightmares on Wax1
2016The EXP Tapes 86–97: Volume 8Nightmares on Wax1


1989DextrousNightmares on Wax1
1990AftermathNightmares on Wax5
1992Set Me FreeNightmares on Wax2
1992Happiness!Nightmares on Wax2
1999Les NuitsNightmares on Wax3
1999FinerNightmares on Wax3
2000Keep OnNightmares on Wax feat. De La Soul1
2002Know My NameNightmares on Wax1
200370s 80sNightmares on Wax3
2003Brothers on the SlideNightmares on Wax1
2003Date With DestinyNightmares on Wax1
2006PassionNightmares on Wax1
2006The SweetestNightmares on Wax1
2006Flip Ya LidNightmares on Wax1
2008195lbsNightmares on Wax2
2008Da Feelin / CallingNightmares on Wax2
2014AftermathNightmares on Wax1
2017Back to NatureNightmares on Wax1
2017Citizen KaneNightmares on Wax1
2018Deep Shadows RemixesNightmares on Wax1
2018Look UpNightmares on Wax2
2021ImagineeringNightmares on Wax1
2021Wonder / Own MeNightmares On Wax1
2023CLUB E.A.S.E. - #1Nightmares on Wax1
2023CLUB E.A.S.E. - #2Nightmares on Wax1
2023CLUB E.A.S.E. - #3Nightmares on Wax1

Single + Remix

1996Still Smokin…Nightmares on Wax53
2002Know My Name RemixesNightmares on Wax1
2014Aftermath (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remixes)Nightmares on Wax2
2019Gotta Smile (Folamour remix)Nightmares on Wax2
2019Back to Nature (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)Nightmares on Wax2


1989Let It RollNights On Wax1
1991A Case of FunkNightmares on Wax2
2000Sound of N.O.W.Nightmares on Wax3
2006African Pirates EPNightmares on Wax2
2016Ground FloorNightmares on Wax2
2020Smoker's Delight: Sonic BudsNightmares on Wax2

Broadcast + Live + DJ-mix

2013Daytime SessionNightmares on Wax1

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