PIG (post-industrial)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
¡Toxico! PIG 5:11
1979 PIG 4:59
A Fête Worse Than Death PIG 5:17
A Touch of Upheaval PIG 3:35
Analgesia PIG 5:26
Angel PIG 4:04
Arbor Vitate PIG 4:33
Are Friends Electric PIG 5:35
Bin Therre Mekon featuring PIG ?:??
Black Brothel PIG 2:30
Black Mambo PIG 5:07
Blades PIG 6:40
Blades (KMFDM remix) PIG 4 6:00
Blades (Slash mix) PIG 6:11
Blades (Slash mix) PIG 6:37
Brute (live) PIG with KMFDM 3:30
Come for Deutchland PIG vs Primitive Race 4:42
Come for Deutchland (Mary Byker mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 5:08
Come for Deutchland (Night Club mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 3:43
Contempt PIG 4:32
Contempt (Sniper remix) PIG 5:33
Cry Baby PIG 3:19
Darlin PIG 4:33
Darlin (Rough mix) PIG ?:??
Death Rattle 'N' Roll PIG 4:56
Diamond Sinners PIG 4:40
Disobedience PIG 4:40
Disobedience (live) PIG with KMFDM 5:00
Disrupt Degrade & Devastate PIG 5:00
Disrupt Degrade & Devastate (PIG remix) PIG 5:00
Drugzilla PIG vs. MC Lord of the Flies 4:13
Drugzilla PIG 4:21
Drugzilla (Dubzilla <PIG> remix) PIG 4:21
Drugzilla (Pork Talk mix) PIG vs. MC Lord of the Flies 4:19
Ecstasy & Exorcism PIG 4:11
Ecstasy & Exorcism (Excoriation Variation mix) PIG 4:18
Everything PIG 3:43
Everything (live) PIG 3:53
Everything (live) PIG ?:??
Everything (PIG remix) PIG 4:31
Evil Does PIG 4:39
F.O.M. PIG 6:41
Filth Healer PIG 5:21
Find It Fuck It Forget It PIG 2:50
Find It Fuck It Forget It (live) PIG 3:01
Find It Fuck It Forget It (live) PIG ?:??
Find It Fuck It Forget It (Final Orgasm mix) PIG ?:??
Find It Fuck It Forget It (Sump mix) PIG 4:43
Find It, Fuck It, Forget It (Regret It mix) PIG 3:39
Flesh (live) PIG with KMFDM 4:48
Flesh Fest PIG 5:48
Flesh Fest (One True Parker remix) PIG 6:44
Found in Filth PIG 3:34
Found in Filth (MC Lord of the Flies remix) PIG 5:37
Found in Filth (Pull Out Kings remix) PIG 3:44
Fuck Me KMFDM vs. PIG 3:50
Fuck Me Hoghunter KMFDM vs. PIG 4:11
Fuck Me I'm Sick PIG 6:52
Fuck Me I'm Sick (As Fuck) PIG ?:??
G.O.A.T.S Verbal Skillz feat. Life MC, PIG & DJ Stix 3:48
God Rod PIG 5:28
Golgotha PIG 1:40
Gravy Train PIG 3:46
Hamstrung on the Highway PIG 5:34
Hard Machine PIG 4:18
Hard Machine (Lard Machine mix) PIG 5:15
Head Like a Hole PIG 4:46
Head Like a Hole (part of "The Great Soundclash Swindle" DJ-mix) PIG 4:34
Hell to Pay PIG 3:19
Hello Hooray (Extra Large) PIG 5:12
Hello Hooray (Regular) PIG 4:35
Here to Stay PIG 3:31
High Protein PIG 4:51
Hildelinde PIG 2:44
Hog Love PIG 3:54
Hot Hole PIG 4:52
Hot Hole (live) PIG ?:??
I’m So Wrong PIG 4:08
If He Swings by the String PIG 2:57
If He Swings by the String PIG 2:53
Infinite Power PIG 4:05
Infinite Shame PIG 4:06
Inside PIG 14:01
It Tolls for Thee (Pigbreath) PIG 4:27
It Tolls for Thee Pigbreath PIG 3:55
Jump the Gun PIG 5:15
Jump the Gun (instrumental) PIG 4:47
Junky PIG 6:05
Just Like You PIG 6:09
Kundalini PIG 5:46
Lamentous Momentous PIG 4:53
Leather Pig PIG 3:47
Long in the Tooth PIG vs Primitive Race 5:13
Long in the Tooth (AK & Son megamix) PIG vs Primitive Race 4:11
Long in the Tooth (Army of the Universe mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 4:52
Long in the Tooth (Bells Into Machines mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 4:33
Long in the Tooth (Crabbi mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 6:09
Long in the Tooth (Praga Khan mix) PIG vs Primitive Race 4:08
Long Live Death PIG vs Primitive Race 3:40
Loud Lawless & Lost PIG 5:10

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