Syrian (Italian futurepop)

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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Das Licht XP8 4:12
Electro Warriors Phaser Kontrol 4:29
Epos of the Argonauts (Syrian remix) PreEmptive Strike 0.1 4:40
Fairytale T.O.Y. 4:31
I’m Happy (Syrian remix) Rename 4:17
Libertad Red Industrie 5:01
Lose Your Fears (Syrian remix) Suicidal Romance 3:46
Lose Your Fears (Syrian remix) Suicidal Romance 3:46
Nada Es Eterno Silica Gel 3:58
Nada Es Eterno (Syrian remix) Silica Gel 4:00
No Atmosphere (Spanish Version) Syrian 4:12
Oblivion (Syrian mix) Real Life 3:59
Perverse (Syrian remix) Mark Nicholas 3:07
Rocketship ParaDoxx 5:14
Sedgwick Cosmicity 6:21
So Alive Pristina 4:54
So Alive (Syrian mix) Pristina 4:56
The Muse (Syrian remix) Felix Marc 4:06
Thunder Saudade 5:20
TL3 Channel-East 4:54
TL3 (Syrian remix) Channel-East 4:53
Tus labios (Syrian remix) Nórdika 3:56
While We Can (Syrian mix) Droom 4:00
Whole Intuition 4:27
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of Andylab Bruderschaft 5:15