1987The Initial CommandFront Line Assembly37
1988CorrosionFront Line Assembly33
1988State of MindFront Line Assembly35
1989Gashed Senses & CrossfireFront Line Assembly2.755
1990Caustic GripFront Line Assembly4.57
1992Tactical Neural ImplantFront Line Assembly4.44
1994MillenniumFront Line Assembly3.68
1995Hard WiredFront Line Assembly3.86
1997FLAvour of the WeakFront Line Assembly3.755
1999ImplodeFront Line Assembly3.83
2001EpitaphFront Line Assembly44
2004CivilizationFront Line Assembly4.655
2006Artificial SoldierFront Line Assembly44
2010Improvised Electronic DeviceFront Line Assembly4.56
2013EchogeneticFront Line Assembly45
2019Wake Up the ComaFront Line Assembly3.52
2021Mechanical SoulFront Line Assembly2.52

Album + Compilation

1988ConvergenceFront Line Assembly33
1995Corroded DisorderFront Line Assembly33
1997ReclamationFront Line Assembly3.54
1998MonumentFront Line Assembly43
1998The Singles: Four FitFront Line Assembly31
1999ExplosionFront Line Assembly44
2003Two From the Vault: Gashed Senses & Crossfire / Caustic GripFront Line Assembly41
20032 Originals of Front Line Assembly: Hard Wired / Flavour of the WeakFront Line Assembly41
2004Complete Total TerrorFront Line Assembly42
2008Tactical Neural Implant / MillenniumFront Line Assembly4.51
2012PlasticityFront Line Assembly51
2015Hard Wired (20th anniversary box set)Front Line Assembly41
2022Permanent Data 1986–1989Front Line Assembly42

Album + Soundtrack

2012AirMechFront Line Assembly4.756
2018WarMechFront Line Assembly42

Album + Live

1989LiveFront Line Assembly33
1996Live WiredFront Line Assembly53
2015Kampfbereit <Combat‐Ready>Front Line Assembly41

Album + Remix

1998Re-WindFront Line Assembly3.56
2007FalloutFront Line Assembly43
2014EchoesFront Line Assembly22

Album + Demo

1986Nerve WarFront Line Assembly35
1986Total TerrorFront Line Assembly35
1993Total Terror: 1986\87, Part IIFrontline Assembly33


1988Digital Tension DementiaFront Line Assembly42
1989No LimitFront Line Assembly33
1990ProvisionFront Line Assembly52
1990IceolateFront Line Assembly44
1990VirusFront Line Assembly3.54
1992The BladeFront Line Assembly4.53
1992MindphaserFront Line Assembly53
1994MillenniumFront Line Assembly4.53
1995Surface PatternsFront Line Assembly41
1995CircuitryFront Line Assembly46
1996PlasticityFront Line Assembly53
1997Colombian NecktieFront Line Assembly3.654
1998ComatoseFront Line Assembly32
1998Pure MDMAFront Line Assembly / Talamasca21
1999ProphecyFront Line Assembly3.52
1999FatalistFront Line Assembly42
2001Everything Must PerishFront Line Assembly51
2003ManiacalFront Line Assembly32
2004VanishedFront Line Assembly51
2010Shifting Through the LensFront Line Assembly44
2018MechvirusFront Line Assembly41
2018Force CarrierFront Line Assembly31
2018Eye on YouFront Line Assembly feat. Robert Görl41
2020FeederFront Line Assembly21
2024Plasticity/Nash GimmFront Line Assembly vs. Hard Bass School1

Single + Remix

1998Colombian Necktie (Grit Your Teeth remix) / Evil Playground (Chainsaw mix)Front Line Assembly1
2010Angriff (remix)Front Line Assembly53
2022Black March (WLDV edit)Front Line Assembly31
2022Purge (Black Asteroid remix)Front Line Assembly31
2023Mechvirus (remix) (Ayria version)Front Line Assembly1
2023Mechvirus (remix) (Ultra Sunn version)Front Line Assembly feat. Ultra Sunn1
2024Force Carrier (remix)Front Line Assembly feat. Bootblacks1


1988DisorderFront Line Assembly33

EP + Remix

1996The Remix Wars, Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs. Die KruppsFront Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps34

EP + Demo

1986DemoFront Line Assembly31

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