Sprawl (Houston funk rock/ska band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
All a Woman Can Be 4:35
Blue Green Slime 4:10
Blue Green Slime 0:44
Blue Green Slime 0:43
Demonized 3:52
F-Word Radio (The Heavy Metal Tune) 2:44
Heat Miser 1:36
Heat Mixer 2:10
Intro 0:28
Living Underneath The Elevated 4:57
Matt Gets Arrested While Hitch-Hiking in the Same Lousiana County in Which a Member of the Klu Klux Klan Was Elected to the State Legistature 1:46
Me and Leather Tuscadero 2:29
Mold 3:47
Murder Mystery 3:38
No Coloreds In Funlan 'Cause White's On The Moonwalk 4:50
No Coloreds In Funland 'cause Whitey's on the Moonwalk 4:52
Nutmeg 2:59
Opposable Thumbs 1:38
Piece of the Rock 3:57
Psychadelicatessen 1:46
Quest for Opium 4:01
Sea Weed 1:57
Shum 1:07
Ska Mitzvah 1:50
Ska Mitzvah 1:52
Ska Mitzvah 1:52
Sugar Smax 2:33
T-Bird 108 4:26
The Government Issued a Drought 2:00
The Infantile Beggar 2:35
The King in His Native Tongue 0:26
The King of Parking 2:49
The Man With the Yellow Hat 4:46
The Path of the Righteous Gentile 2:13
The Path of the Righteous Gentile 2:13
The Showdown at the 59 Diner 3:22
The Sprawl House 3:39
The Wages of Death 4:54
Wilma 3:39

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