Vision Éternel (Canadian melogaze band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Preview Of For Farewell Of Nostalgia (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM1816100 5 0:42
An Introduction To An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes Boxed Set (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM1714100 5 6:01
An Introduction To The Last Great Torch Song (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM1206100 5 2:03
Interview For Abridged Pause Blog (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM1000100 5 2:18
Love Within Narcosis (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM0708104 5 2:00
Pièce No. Trois (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM1511103 5 1:37
Season In Absence (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM0814204 5 2:09
Season In Absence (Vision Éternel video) CA7BM0814104 5 2:14

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