married:Danielle Spencer (from 2003-04-07 until 2012-10)
romantically involved with:Courtney Love (US rock vocalist, widow to Kurt Cobain)
Meg Ryan (US actress) (in 2010)
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2012-12-08The Confrontation (2012-12-08: Joe's Pub, New York City, NY, USA)Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe2:53
Building the BarricadeClaude‐Michel Schönberg1:43
Fantine's ArrestClaude‐Michel Schönberg2:00
Fascinating Experiencespoken vocalsRussell Crowe0:21
Gladiator Trailerspoken vocals[dialogue]?:??
Huge Scalespoken vocalsRussell Crowe0:41
I Dreamed a DreamAnne Hathaway4:38
Javert at the BarricadeClaude‐Michel Schönberg1:45
Javert’s SuicideRussell Crowe3:01
Look DownHugh Jackman, Russell Crowe2:22
Lucilla Meets Maxspoken vocals[dialogue]?:??
Lucilla Meets Maxspoken vocals[dialogue]0:49
Massive Fightspoken vocalsRussell Crowe0:18
One Day MoreLes Misérables Cast3:40
StarsRussell Crowe3:01
Stick Togetherspoken vocals[dialogue]?:??
The ConfrontationHugh Jackman, Russell Crowe1:56
The RobberyClaude‐Michel Schönberg2:51
The Storylinespoken vocalsRussell Crowe1:25
What Is Your Name?spoken vocals[dialogue]?:??
Hit the Ground and Runadditional
Lover's Hands
Where I Belong