John Webster (Canadian keyboardist)

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member of:Idle Eyes (keyboard)
Red Rider (from 1984 to present)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Vacation (In My Mind)
X-Ray SierraTom Cochrane
A Lil’ Ain’t EnoughkeyboardDavid Lee Roth4:42
Alien Nationguest and keyboardScorpions5:44
Amazingkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:56
Beautiful to Meadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:58
Boogie Mankeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith2:17
Bully Boysadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:19
Burning Our BedkeyboardAlice Cooper4:35
Can’t Stop Messin’keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith3:31
Close to the Sunadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:05
Come Out With Meadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle4:12
Crazykeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:17
Cryin’keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:09
Daddy’s Girlguest and keyboardScorpions4:20
Dangerous TonightHammond organAlice Cooper4:42
Destinguest and keyboardScorpions3:17
Die for YoukeyboardAlice Cooper4:17
Don’t Get Mad, Get EvenJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:50
Dulcimer Stomp / The Other SideJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:58
Eat the Richkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:11
F.I.N.E.John Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:15
Falladditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle4:13
Feed My FrankensteinkeyboardAlice Cooper4:45
Feverkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:15
Fleshkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:57
Forever Light Will Shineadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle4:23
Get a Gripkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith3:58
Glory of LoveorganJann Arden2:06
Going Down / Love in an ElevatorJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:37
Gotta Love Itkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:58
Hate to Be Niceguest and keyboardScorpions3:34
Hey Stoopid (Beba edit)keyboardAlice Cooper3:57
Hey Stoopid (album version)keyboardAlice Cooper4:34
Hoodoo / Voodoo Medicine ManJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:41
I Can't Make You Stay (New Studio Recording)keyboardJann Arden3:53
I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mineadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:52
Introkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith0:24
It’s Showtime!keyboardDavid Lee Roth3:47
Like a Rolling StoneJohn WebsterkeyboardMick Ronson4:21
Line Upkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:03
Little by LittlekeyboardAlice Cooper4:35
Livin’ on the Edgekeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith6:08
Lonely Nightsguest and keyboardScorpions4:40
Lonely Nightsguest and keyboardScorpions4:50
Love’s a Loaded GunkeyboardAlice Cooper4:11
Misty BlueorganJann Arden4:05
Monkey on My BackJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith3:57
Mr. McLennenorganJann Arden4:10
My GirlJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith3:11
Nightmare Avenueguest and keyboardScorpions3:55
No Pain No Gainguest and keyboardScorpions3:55
No Pain No Gainguest and keyboardScorpions3:46
Now or Neveradditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:56
Only the LonelyorganJann Arden3:27
Phoenix RisingkeyboardAnnihilator3:48
Pregnantguest and stringsLimblifter3:38
Rattlesnake Shakeprepared pianoMötley Crüe3:40
Ready to Goadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:32
Save Up All Your TearskeyboardCher4:00
Sensible ShoeskeyboardDavid Lee Roth5:09
Ship of Foolsguest and keyboardScorpions4:15
Shut Up and Dancekeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:56
Someone to Touchguest and keyboardScorpions4:29
Somewhere in a Songadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:58
Stonecutter’s ArmsHammond organTom Cochrane4:55
Summer Summer Nightadditional, guest and keyboard [keyboards]Alan Doyle3:27
Taxman Womanguest and keyboardScorpions4:30
This Girl's in Love With YouorganJann Arden3:37
Under the Same Sunguest and keyboardScorpions4:54
Unholy Allianceguest and keyboardScorpions5:17
Walk On Downkeyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith3:40
Water Song / Janie’s Got a GunJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith5:40
What It TakesJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith6:29
Willie Dixon SaidHammond organTom Cochrane4:07
Wind‐Up ToykeyboardAlice Cooper5:28
Womanguest and keyboardScorpions5:57
Young LustJohn Websteradditional and keyboard [keyboards]Aerosmith4:20
Another 5 Songs and a Poemguest, keyboard and percussionBif Naked
Bif Nakedadditional, guest and keyboardBif Naked
Bif Nakedadditional, guest and keyboardBif Naked
Big Onesadditional and keyboardAerosmith
Counterpartsadditional and keyboardRush
I Bificusadditional, guest and keyboardBif Naked
Long Cold Winteradditional and keyboardCinderella
Nine Livesadditional and keyboardAerosmith
Nine Livesadditional and keyboardAerosmith
Nine Lives (Mastered for iTunes)keyboardAerosmith
Nine Livesadditional and keyboardAerosmith
Superbeautifulmonsterguest, keyboard and stringsBif Naked
Superbeautifulmonsterguest, keyboard and stringsBif Naked
Victory Daybass and keyboardTom Cochrane & Red Rider
instrument arranger
I BificusstringsBif Naked
Vacation (In My Mind)
Art of ListeningTom Cochrane4:18
Beautiful DayTom Cochrane4:54
I WonderTom Cochrane3:45
Marianne and LennyTom Cochrane5:25
Northern FrontierTom Cochrane4:20
Piece of Your SoulTom Cochrane4:12
This Is the WorldTom Cochrane4:08
Willie Dixon SaidTom Cochrane4:07
Windy Night in FallTom Cochrane4:50
Calling AmericaTom Cochrane & Red Rider4:15
Good Man (Feeling Bad)Tom Cochrane & Red Rider4:06
Laughing Like a FiendPure3:48
Saved by the DawnTom Cochrane & Red Rider2:46
Son’s Beat DownTom Cochrane & Red Rider4:28
Tall GrassPure3:37
Another 5 Songs and a PoemBif Naked
X-Ray SierraTom Cochrane
Boogie ManAerosmith2:17
Can’t Stop Messin’Aerosmith3:31
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:40
Dr. Feelgoodadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:50
Dr. Feelgood (demo)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:45
Eat the RichAerosmith4:11
Get a GripAerosmith3:58
Get It for Freeadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:16
Gotta Love ItAerosmith5:58
Kickstart My Heartadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:43
Kickstart My Heart (demo)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:31
Line UpAerosmith4:03
Livin’ on the EdgeAerosmith6:08
Rattlesnake Shakeadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe3:40
Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:13
She Goes Downadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:38
Shut Up and DanceAerosmith4:56
Slice of Your Pieadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:31
Sticky Sweetadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe3:51
T.n.T. (Terror ’n Tinseltown)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe0:43
Time for Changeadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:59
Walk On DownAerosmith3:40
Without Youadditional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:29
Without You (demo)additional and keyboardMötley Crüe4:15
Another 5 Songs and a PoemBif Naked
Bif NakedBif Naked
Bif NakedBif Naked
Dr. FeelgoodkeyboardMötley Crüe
SuperbeautifulmonsterBif Naked
SuperbeautifulmonsterBif Naked
Nine Lives (Mastered for iTunes)background vocalsAerosmith