David Thomas (US singer-songwriter/musician: Pere Ubu/Rocket From the Tombs)

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member of:David Thomas & The Wooden Birds
David Thomas and Foreigners
Rocket From the Tombs
David Thomas and The Accordion Club (from 1985 until 1992)
David Thomas and Two Pale Boys (from 1994 to present)
original member of:Pere Ubu (from 1975 to present)
David Thomas and The Pedestrians (from 1981 until 1985)
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Wikidata:Q2255794 [info]
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1976-10Street Wavespiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:07
1976-10Street WavespercussionPere Ubu3:07
1977-01Non‐Alignment PactpercussionPere Ubu3:20
1977-01Non‐Alignment Pactpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:20
1977-01The Modern Dancepiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:30
1977-01The Modern DancepercussionPere Ubu3:30
1977-11Chinese Radiationpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:29
1977-11Chinese RadiationpercussionPere Ubu3:29
1977-11Humor MepercussionPere Ubu2:44
1977-11Humor Mepiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu2:44
1977-11Laughingpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu4:37
1977-11LaughingpercussionPere Ubu4:37
1977-11Life StinkspercussionPere Ubu1:53
1977-11Life Stinkspiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu1:53
1977-11Over My HeadpercussionPere Ubu3:50
1977-11Over My Headpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:50
1977-11Real Worldpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu4:02
1977-11Real WorldpercussionPere Ubu4:02
1977-11Sentimental JourneypercussionPere Ubu6:08
1977-11Sentimental Journeypiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu6:08
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24(Pa) Ubu Dance Partypiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu4:50
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24(Pa) Ubu Dance PartypercussionPere Ubu4:50
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24(Pa) Ubu Dance Partyorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu4:50
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Blow Daddy‐Opiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Blow Daddy‐OpercussionPere Ubu3:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Blow Daddy‐Oorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu3:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Caligari’s Mirrorpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:52
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Caligari’s Mirrororgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu3:52
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Caligari’s MirrorpercussionPere Ubu3:52
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Codexorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu4:56
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Codexpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu4:56
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24CodexpercussionPere Ubu4:56
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Drinking Wine Spodyodyorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu2:46
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Drinking Wine SpodyodypercussionPere Ubu2:46
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Drinking Wine Spodyodypiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu2:46
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Dub HousingpercussionPere Ubu3:42
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Dub Housingpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu3:42
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Dub Housingorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu3:42
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24I, Will Waitpiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu1:48
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24I, Will WaitpercussionPere Ubu1:48
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24I, Will Waitorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu1:48
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24NavvyorganPere Ubu2:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24On the Surfaceorgan [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu2:38
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24On the SurfacepercussionPere Ubu2:38
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24On the Surfacepiccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu2:38
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Thriller!percussionPere Ubu4:41
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Thriller!organ [Ace-Tone organ]Pere Ubu4:41
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Thriller!piccolo oboe [musette]Pere Ubu4:41
Beach Boysother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:15
Beach Boysdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:15
Beach BoysaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys6:38
Beach Boysmusette de courPere Ubu3:15
Busman's HoneymoonaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:35
Busman’s Honeymoondiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:29
Busman’s HoneymoontrombonePere Ubu4:29
Can't Help Falling in LoveaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys3:52
Coffee TrainaccordionDavid Thomas2:26
Don’t Worryother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu2:47
Don’t Worrydiatonic button accordionPere Ubu2:47
Don’t Worrymusette de courPere Ubu2:47
Down by the River IIother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:16
Down by the River IImusette de courPere Ubu3:16
Down by the River IIdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:16
Dream the Moondiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:25
Dream the MoontrombonePere Ubu3:25
Electricityother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu4:08
Electricitydiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:08
Electricitymusette de courPere Ubu4:08
FireaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:35
Flicking Cigarettes at the Sundiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:20
Flicking Cigarettes at the Sunanalog synthesizerPere Ubu3:20
Flicking Cigarettes at the Sundrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:20
Folly of Youthother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu4:05
Folly of Youthdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:05
Folly of Youthmusette de courPere Ubu4:05
Fortunate Sonanalog synthesizerPere Ubu3:03
Fortunate Sondiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:03
Fortunate Sondrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:03
Friends of StoneaccordionDavid Thomas3:18
George Had a Hatdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:00
George Had a HattrombonePere Ubu4:00
Horsediatonic button accordionPere Ubu5:11
Horseother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu5:11
Horsemusette de courPere Ubu5:11
KathleenaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys10:26
Lonesome Cowboy Davemouth harpPere Ubu1:55
Lonesome Cowboy DavewhistlePere Ubu1:55
Lovely Daydrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu4:08
Lovely Dayanalog synthesizerPere Ubu4:08
Lovely Daydiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu4:08
Marlowedrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu1:52
Marloweanalog synthesizerPere Ubu1:52
Marlowediatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu1:52
Memphisdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:47
Memphisother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:47
Memphismusette de courPere Ubu3:47
Miss YoutrombonePere Ubu4:20
Miss Youdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:20
Monster Magee, King of the SeaaccordionDavid Thomas2:17
Monster Walks the Winter LakeaccordionDavid Thomas11:18
Montanaother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu4:23
Montanadiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:23
Montanamusette de courPere Ubu4:23
My Friend is a Stoogemusette de courPere Ubu2:38
My Friend is a Stoogeother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu2:38
My Friend is a Stoogediatonic button accordionPere Ubu2:38
My Name Is Ellipsisother instruments [Playing the voices from a Mac]Pere Ubu7:35
My TownaccordionDavid Thomas3:19
My TownaccordionDavid Thomas3:08
Nobody KnowsaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys9:38
Not Happymouth harpPere Ubu3:28
Not HappywhistlePere Ubu3:28
NowheresvilleaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys6:00
ObsessionaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys4:38
Ray Gun Suitcaseother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:32
Ray Gun Suitcasemusette de courPere Ubu3:32
Ray Gun Suitcasediatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:32
Red Skymusette de courPere Ubu3:58
Red SkyaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:37
Red Skyother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:58
Red Skydiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:58
Rhythm KingtrombonePere Ubu4:27
Rhythm Kingdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:27
Road Is a Preacheranalog synthesizerPere Ubu3:06
Road Is a Preacherdrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:06
Road Is a Preacherdiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:06
Say Goodbyediatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:38
Say GoodbyetrombonePere Ubu4:38
Skidrow‐On‐Seaanalog synthesizerPere Ubu2:39
Skidrow‐On‐Seadrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu2:39
Skidrow‐On‐Seadiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu2:39
Something’s Gotta Givediatonic button accordionPere Ubu5:06
Something’s Gotta GivetrombonePere Ubu5:06
Surfer Girlother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu2:58
Surfer Girlmusette de courPere Ubu2:58
Surfer Girldiatonic button accordionPere Ubu2:58
Surfer Girl/Around the FireaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys10:31
Talk to MetrombonePere Ubu3:29
Talk to Mediatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:29
The Hollow EarthtrombonePere Ubu3:35
The Hollow Earthdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:35
The Road Aheaddiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu9:25
The Road Aheaddrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu9:25
The Road Aheadanalog synthesizerPere Ubu9:25
The Velikovsky 2-StepaccordionDavid Thomas6:49
The World (As We Can Know It)drum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:25
The World (As We Can Know It)analog synthesizerPere Ubu3:25
The World (As We Can Know It)diatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:25
Three Thingsdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu4:08
Three Thingsmusette de courPere Ubu4:08
Three Thingsother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu4:08
Turquoise Finsother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu2:38
Turquoise Finsmusette de courPere Ubu2:38
Turquoise Finsdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu2:38
Universal VibrationtrombonePere Ubu2:20
Universal Vibrationdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu2:20
Vacuum in My Headdiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:51
Vacuum in My Headother instruments [auto-cans, ray gun]Pere Ubu3:51
Vacuum in My Headmusette de courPere Ubu3:51
We Have the Technologydiatonic button accordionPere Ubu3:00
We Have the TechnologytrombonePere Ubu3:00
Weird CornfieldsaccordionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:52
What Do We Do With a Drunken Sailordiatonic button accordion [melodeon]David Thomas3:45
What Happened to MeaccordionDavid Thomas2:47
What Happened to MeaccordionDavid Thomas2:40
What I Heard on the Pop Radiodrum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:49
What I Heard on the Pop Radioanalog synthesizerPere Ubu3:49
What I Heard on the Pop Radiodiatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:49
Who Stole the Signpost?analog synthesizerPere Ubu3:28
Who Stole the Signpost?diatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu3:28
Who Stole the Signpost?drum machine [drum program]Pere Ubu3:28
Woolie BullieorganPere Ubu2:51
By Order of Mayor Pawlicki (Live in Jarocin)musette de cour [Musette]Pere Ubu
Drive, He Said 1994–2002accordionPere Ubu
Ray Gun Suitcasediatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu
Ray Gun Suitcasepercussion [auto-cans]Pere Ubu
Ray Gun Suitcaseother instruments [ray-gun]Pere Ubu
Ray Gun Suitcaseaccordion [musette]Pere Ubu
Story of My LifeguitarPere Ubu
Story of My Lifediatonic button accordion [melodeon]Pere Ubu
The Modern DancepercussionPere Ubu
The Modern Danceaccordion [musette]Pere Ubu
By Order of Mayor Pawlicki (Live in Jarocin)Pere Ubu
333Pere Ubu3:59
333Pere Ubu4:02
Beach BoysPere Ubu4:01
DarkPere Ubu9:14
DarkPere Ubu9:16
Don't WorryPere Ubu3:14
Down by the River IIPere Ubu3:55
ElectricityPere Ubu4:30
Folly of YouthPere Ubu4:55
HellPere Ubu4:57
HellPere Ubu5:12
HorsePere Ubu5:05
LisbonPere Ubu3:30
LisbonPere Ubu3:28
MemphisPere Ubu4:08
MichelePere Ubu3:11
MichelePere Ubu3:07
MontanaPere Ubu6:03
My Friend Is a Stooge for the Media PriestsPere Ubu3:09
Not Now No WayThe Pagans2:42
Phone Home JonahPere Ubu2:39
Phone Home JonahPere Ubu2:40
Ray Gun SuitcasePere Ubu3:52
Red SkyPere Ubu5:28
Slow Walking DaddyPere Ubu4:51
Slow Walking DaddyPere Ubu4:52
StevePere Ubu2:49
StevePere Ubu2:45
Surfer GirlPere Ubu2:17
The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSotoPere Ubu2:45
The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSotoPere Ubu2:41
Three ThingsPere Ubu4:54
Turquoise FinsPere Ubu3:13
Vacuum in My HeadPere Ubu4:24
Where's the truthPere Ubu3:26
Where’s the TruthPere Ubu3:16
Carnival of SoulsPere Ubu
Drive, He Said 1994–2002Pere Ubu
1975-02-1830 Seconds Over TokyoRocket From the Tombs6:42
1975-02-18Life StinksRocket From the Tombs3:25
1975-02-18So ColdRocket From the Tombs5:56
1975-02-18TransfusionRocket From the Tombs7:45
1975-02-18What Love IsRocket From the Tombs3:39
1975-05-05Down in FlamesRocket From the Tombs1:41
1975-05-05FrustrationRocket From the Tombs2:13
1975-05-05Search & DestroyRocket From the Tombs2:18
1976-10Street WavesPere Ubu3:07
1977-01Non‐Alignment PactPere Ubu3:20
1977-01The Modern DancePere Ubu3:30
1977-02-15HeavenPere Ubu3:55
1977-02-15My Dark AgesPere Ubu6:53
1977-02-2530 Seconds Over TokyoPere Ubu6:57
1977-02-25Life StinksPere Ubu2:30
1977-02-25Over My HeadPere Ubu7:39
1977-02-25Sentimental JourneyPere Ubu6:57
1977-11Chinese RadiationPere Ubu3:29
1977-11Humor MePere Ubu2:44
1977-11LaughingPere Ubu4:37
1977-11Life StinksPere Ubu1:53
1977-11Over My HeadPere Ubu3:50
1977-11Real WorldPere Ubu4:02
1977-11Sentimental JourneyPere Ubu6:08
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24(Pa) Ubu Dance PartyPere Ubu4:50
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Blow Daddy‐OPere Ubu3:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Caligari’s MirrorPere Ubu3:52
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24CodexPere Ubu4:56
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Drinking Wine SpodyodyPere Ubu2:46
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Dub HousingPere Ubu3:42
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24I, Will WaitPere Ubu1:48
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24NavvyPere Ubu2:43
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24On the SurfacePere Ubu2:38
1978-07-31 – 1978-09-24Thriller!Pere Ubu4:41
[untitled]Pere Ubu3:31
30 Seconds Over TokyoPere Ubu6:29
49 Guitars & One GirlPere Ubu2:52
333Pere Ubu4:02
A Day at the Botanical GardensDavid Thomas3:22
A Day Such as ThisPere Ubu7:19
A Fact About TrainsDavid Thomas4:24
A Small Dark CloudPere Ubu5:49
About True FriendsDavid Thomas4:33
All the Dogs Are Barking (alt. mix 4)Pere Ubu3:47
All the Dogs Are Barking!Pere Ubu3:02
ArabiaPere Ubu5:52
Arabian NightsPere Ubu3:58
Around the Firelead vocalsPere Ubu3:13
Bang the Drumlead vocalsPere Ubu3:52
Beach BoysDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys6:38
Beach BoysPere Ubu3:15
BicycleDavid Thomas4:22
Big Breezy DayDavid Thomas3:24
Big DreamsDavid Thomas2:22
Big Ed’s Used FarmsPere Ubu2:26
Bird TownDavid Thomas2:43
BirdiesPere Ubu2:27
Breathlead vocalsPere Ubu3:58
Bus Called Happinesslead vocalsPere Ubu2:49
Busman's HoneymoonDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:35
Busman’s HoneymoonPere Ubu4:29
Can't Help Falling in LoveDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys3:52
Cloud 149Pere Ubu2:43
Cloud 149Pere Ubu2:37
Coffee TrainDavid Thomas2:26
Confuse DidDavid Thomas2:35
Crickets in the FlatsDavid Thomas5:00
Crush This HornPere Ubu3:01
Crush This Horn, Part TwoDavid Thomas1:50
Crylead vocalsPere Ubu2:32
Cry Cry Crylead vocalsPere Ubu2:43
Dan DanDavid Thomas0:50
DarkPere Ubu9:14
Doghouse RileyguestUnknown Instructors3:25
Don’t Look Backlead vocalsPere Ubu4:05
Don’t WorryPere Ubu2:47
Down by the Riverlead vocalsPere Ubu2:40
Down by the River IIPere Ubu3:16
Dream the MoonPere Ubu3:25
DrivePere Ubu4:38
ElectricityPere Ubu4:08
EnthusiasticDavid Thomas4:46
Fedora Satellitelead vocalsPere Ubu1:59
Final SolutionPere Ubu5:05
Final SolutionPere Ubu4:57
Final SolutionPere Ubu4:38
Firelead vocalsPere Ubu3:41
FireDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:35
Flatlead vocalsPere Ubu2:21
Flicking Cigarettes at the SunPere Ubu3:20
Flicking Cigarettes at the SunPere Ubu3:44
Fly’s EyePere Ubu2:37
Folly of YouthPere Ubu4:05
Fortunate SonPere Ubu3:03
Fortunate SonPere Ubu3:57
Friends of StoneDavid Thomas3:18
George Had a HatPere Ubu4:00
GoPere Ubu2:56
GoodbyePere Ubu5:18
Goodnite Irenelead vocalsPere Ubu4:09
Happy to See YouDavid Thomas3:34
Have Shoes, Will Walk (The Fabulous Sequel)Pere Ubu3:07
Having TimeDavid Thomas4:54
Heart of DarknessPere Ubu4:52
Heart of DarknessPere Ubu4:26
HeavenPere Ubu3:04
HeavenPere Ubu3:11
HellPere Ubu4:57
HighwatervillePere Ubu1:29
HighwatervillePere Ubu3:29
Horns Are a DilemmaPere Ubu4:21
HorsePere Ubu5:11
HorsesPere Ubu2:35
Horses (alt. mix 3)Pere Ubu2:36
Humor Me (live)Pere Ubu2:52
Humor Me (live)Pere Ubu2:57
Hurry BackDavid Thomas4:20
I Hear They Smoke the Barbecuelead vocalsPere Ubu3:59
Ice Cream Trucklead vocalsPere Ubu2:49
IndiangiverPere Ubu0:51
IntroPere Ubu1:13
Invisible Manlead vocalsPere Ubu2:48
Jehovah’s Kingdom Comes!Pere Ubu2:52
KathleenDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys10:26
King KnütDavid Thomas5:31
Life of Rileylead vocalsPere Ubu2:34
Like a Rolling Stonelead vocalsPere Ubu2:59
LisbonPere Ubu3:28
Lonesome Cowboy DavePere Ubu1:55
Lonesome Cowboy DavePere Ubu1:54
LoopPere Ubu3:16
Lost in ArtPere Ubu4:34
Lost Nation Roadlead vocalsPere Ubu2:17
Love Love Lovelead vocalsPere Ubu3:20
Lovely DayPere Ubu6:03
Lovely DayPere Ubu4:08
Make HayPere Ubu4:02
Man's Best FriendDavid Thomas4:27
MarlowePere Ubu1:52
MarlowePere Ubu6:09
MemphisPere Ubu3:47
MichelePere Ubu3:07
Mirror Manlead vocalsPere Ubu3:27
Misery GoatsPere Ubu2:40
Miss YouPere Ubu4:20
Modern DancePere Ubu3:28
Monday MorningPere Ubu2:26
Monday Nightlead vocalsPere Ubu2:14
Monster Magee, King of the SeaDavid Thomas2:17
Monster Thinks About the Good DaysDavid Thomas3:41
Monster Walks the Winter LakeDavid Thomas11:18
MontanaPere Ubu4:23
Mr. WheelerPere Ubu3:35
Muddy WatersPere Ubu3:20
My Dark AgesPere Ubu4:02
My Dark Ages (I Don't Get Around)Pere Ubu4:00
My Friend is a StoogePere Ubu2:38
My HatPere Ubu1:19
My Theory of Spontaneous Simultude / Red Tin BusDavid Thomas3:06
My TownDavid Thomas3:19
My TownDavid Thomas3:08
Nevada!lead vocalsPere Ubu3:20
New BroomDavid Thomas4:21
Nobody KnowsDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys9:38
Nobody Knowslead vocalsPere Ubu2:33
Not HappyPere Ubu3:28
Not HappyPere Ubu3:39
NowheresvilleDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys6:00
ObsessionDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys4:38
Oh Catherinelead vocalsPere Ubu2:52
One Less WorryPere Ubu3:46
Over the Moonlead vocalsPere Ubu3:06
Pedestrian WalkDavid Thomas4:35
PerfumePere Ubu4:26
PetrifiedPere Ubu2:17
Phone Home JonahPere Ubu2:40
Playbacklead vocalsPere Ubu3:27
Postman Drove a Caddylead vocalsPere Ubu2:58
Pushin’lead vocalsPere Ubu2:29
Race the Sunlead vocalsPere Ubu3:17
Ray Gun SuitcasePere Ubu3:32
Red Apple Boyguest and lead vocalsThe Book of Knots3:03
Red SkyPere Ubu3:58
Red SkyDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:37
Rhapsody in PinkPere Ubu3:36
Rhythm KingPere Ubu4:27
Road Is a PreacherPere Ubu3:17
Road Is a PreacherPere Ubu3:06
Road to UtahPere Ubu5:25
RounderPere Ubu3:25
Rounder (alt. mix 1)Pere Ubu3:55
Running DryPere Ubu4:12
SAD.TXTPere Ubu3:18
Say GoodbyePere Ubu4:38
SemaphoreDavid Thomas5:12
Silent SpringsPere Ubu2:51
Skidrow-On-SeaPere Ubu3:58
Skidrow‐On‐SeaPere Ubu2:39
Sloop John BDavid Thomas5:11
SlowPere Ubu1:09
Slow Walking DaddyPere Ubu4:51
Small Was FastPere Ubu3:39
Something’s Gotta GivePere Ubu5:06
Song of the Bailing ManDavid Thomas4:43
Song of the HoeDavid Thomas6:03
Sound of the SandDavid Thomas3:28
StevePere Ubu2:45
Stormy WeatherPere Ubu3:21
Street Waves (Single Version)Pere Ubu3:05
Surfer GirlPere Ubu2:58
Surfer Girl/Around the FireDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys10:31
Talk to MePere Ubu3:29
Tar Baby & The Rising SunguestUnknown Instructors4:18
The B Sidelead vocalsPere Ubu4:45
The Birds Are a Good IdeaDavid Thomas1:58
The Book Is on the TablePere Ubu4:05
The Book Is on the TablePere Ubu4:02
The Duke’s Saharan AmbitionsPere Ubu6:52
The Egg and IDavid Thomas2:55
The Farmer's WifeDavid Thomas4:32
The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSotoPere Ubu2:41
The Hollow EarthPere Ubu3:35
The Long RainDavid Thomas4:13
The Long Walk HomePere Ubu2:36
The Modern DancePere Ubu3:28
The New Atom MineDavid Thomas5:17
The RainDavid Thomas5:18
The Road AheadPere Ubu9:25
The Road AheadPere Ubu11:26
The Storm BreaksDavid Thomas3:35
The Velikovsky 2-StepDavid Thomas6:49
The Voice of the SandPere Ubu1:28
The Vulgar Boatman BirdPere Ubu2:48
The Waltzlead vocalsPere Ubu3:27
The Wirelead vocalsPere Ubu3:15
The World (As We Can Know It)Pere Ubu4:04
The World (As We Can Know It)Pere Ubu3:25
This Black Hat Is RageguestUnknown Instructors3:33
Thoughts That Go by SteamPere Ubu3:50
Three ThingsPere Ubu4:08
Through the Magnifying GlassDavid Thomas2:58
Tribute to MilesPere Ubu4:17
Turpentine!lead vocalsPere Ubu2:40
Turquoise FinsPere Ubu2:38
Universal VibrationPere Ubu2:20
UntitledPere Ubu3:36
Urban LifestylePere Ubu2:56
Use of a DogPere Ubu3:19
Vacuum in My HeadPere Ubu3:51
Waiting for Marylead vocalsPere Ubu3:23
We Have the TechnologyPere Ubu3:00
Weird CornfieldsDavid Thomas and Two Pale Boys5:52
West Side StoryPere Ubu2:48
Whale Head KingDavid Thomas5:50
What Do We Do With a Drunken SailorDavid Thomas3:45
What Happened to MeDavid Thomas2:40
What Happened to MeDavid Thomas2:47
What I Heard on the Pop RadioPere Ubu3:49
What I Heard on the Pop RadioPere Ubu5:07
WheelhousePere Ubu5:01
When Love Is UnevenDavid Thomas3:29
Where’s the TruthPere Ubu3:16
Who Is It?David Thomas3:40
Who Stole the Signpost?Pere Ubu3:28
Who Stole the Signpost?Pere Ubu3:35
Why Go It Alone?lead vocalsPere Ubu2:49
Wine Dark Sparkslead vocalsPere Ubu3:06
Winter in the Firelandslead vocalsPere Ubu3:07
Woolie BulliePere Ubu2:51
Worlds in Collisionlead vocalsPere Ubu3:41
Yiki TikiDavid Thomas2:16
Young Miles in the BasementPere Ubu3:00
20 Years in a Montana Missile SiloPere Ubu
By Order of Mayor Pawlicki (Live in Jarocin)Pere Ubu
Carnival of SoulsPere Ubu
CloudlandPere Ubu
Drive, He Said 1994–2002Pere Ubu
Ray Gun SuitcasePere Ubu
St. ArkansasPere Ubu
Story of My LifePere Ubu
The Modern DancePere Ubu
Story of My LifePere Ubu
(Pa) Ubu Dance Party
30 Seconds Over Tokyo
An Open Letter to NYC
Beach Boys
Blow Daddy‐O
Caligari’s Mirror
Chinese Radiation
Cloud 149
Don’t Worry
Down by the River II
Down in Flames
Dr Sax
Drinking Wine Spodyody
Dub Housing
Final Solution
Flicking Cigarettes at the Sun
Fly’s Eye
Folly of Youth
Fortunate Son
Heart of Darkness
Humor Me
I, Will Wait
Lovely Day
Monday Morning
Mr. Wheeler
Muddy Waters
My Dark Ages
My Friend is a Stooge for the Media Priests
My Name Is Ellipsis
Non Alignment Pact
On the Surface
Over My Head
Phone Home Jonah
Ray Gun Suitcase
Real World
Red Sky
Road Is a Preacher
Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)
Sentimental Journey
Silent Springs
Slow Walking Daddy
So Cold
Sonic Reducer
Street Waves
The Duke’s Saharan Ambitions
The Fevered Dream of Hernando DeSoto
The Modern Dance
The Road Ahead
The World (As We Can Know It)
Three Things
Turquoise Fins
Urban Lifestyle
Vacuum in My Head
What I Heard on the Pop Radio
What Love Is
Where’s the Truth
Who Stole the Signpost?
Woolie Bullie