eponymous member of:John Coltrane Quintet (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
John Coltrane Sextet (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
member of:Art Blakey Big Band
Miles Davis Quintet (US jazz group 1955-58, and 1964-68)
The Red Garland Quintet
Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra
The Good Humor Six
Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra
Elmo Hope Sextet
Thelonious Monk Septet (tenor saxophone)
The Prestige All Stars
George Russell Orchestra
Cecil Taylor Quintet
Thelonious Monk Quartet (in 1957: tenor saxophone)
Miles Davis Sextet (from 1958-01 until 1960-04: tenor saxophone)
original eponymous member of:John Coltrane Trio (saxophone)
The John Coltrane Sextet
John Coltrane Quartet (from 1959 until 1965: soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
children:Arjuna John Coltrane Jr.
Oranyan Coltrane
Ravi Coltrane
married:Alice Coltrane (from 1965 until 1967-07-17)
creative position:Coltrane Records
founded:Jowcol Music
signed by:Prestige (American jazz label) (from 1957 until 1961)
impulse! (jazz label active during the 60s-70s, now property of Universal Music Group, mainly used as a reissue label.) (from 1961 until 1967)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1961-05-23Greensleeves (alternate take)John Coltrane Quartet10:53
1961-05-23Song of the Underground RailroadJohn Coltrane Quartet6:45
AfricaJohn Coltrane Quartet16:31
Blues MinorJohn Coltrane Quartet7:19
1951-03-01Birk's Workstenor saxophoneDizzy Gillespie3:05
1951-03-01Birk's Worksalto saxophoneDizzy Gillespie3:05
1951-03-01Tin Tin Deoalto saxophoneDizzy Gillespie2:38
1951-03-01Tin Tin Deotenor saxophoneDizzy Gillespie2:38
1951-03-01We Love to Boogiealto saxophone and tenor saxophoneDizzy Gillespie Sextet2:52
1952-12 – 1953-01Gotta Stop Loving Youalto saxophoneChristine Kittrell & Gay Crosse with The Good Humor Six3:09
1954-07-02Burgundy Walktenor saxophoneJohnny Hodges And His Orchestra?:??
1954-07-02Sweet as Bear Meattenor saxophoneJohnny Hodges3:15
1954-08-05Ballad Medleytenor saxophoneJohnny Hodges18:33
1954-08-05Used to Be Duketenor saxophoneJohnny Hodges7:22
1954-12-24Swing Springtenor saxophoneMiles Davis, Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz Giants10:47
1954 – 1956’round Midnighttenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:27
1954 – 1956Dr. Jackletenor saxophoneMiles Davis8:53
1954 – 1956The Man I Lovetenor saxophoneMiles Davis8:01
1955-04-20High Steptenor saxophonePaul Chambers8:13
1955-04-20Nixon, Dixon and Yates Bluestenor saxophonePaul Chambers8:28
1955-04-20Trane’s Straintenor saxophonePaul Chambers11:04
1955-08-05Bitty Dittytenor saxophoneMiles Davis6:38
1955-08-05Changestenor saxophoneMiles Davis7:12
1955-10-26Two Bass Hittenor saxophoneMiles Davis3:43
1955-10-27Budotenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet4:15
1955-10-27Little Melonaetenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:21
1955-11-18It Never Entered My Mind (live, 195x: USA)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis2:54
1955-11-18Max Is Making Wax (live, 195x: USA)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis3:06
1956-02-18It Never Entered My Mind (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:15
1956-02-18Max Is Making Wax (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis4:30
1956-02-18Salt Peanuts (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:00
1956-02-18Walkin' (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis9:24
1956-02-18Woody 'n' You (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:41
1956-03-02Dexteritytenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane6:44
1956-03-02Dexteritytenor saxophonePaul Chambers6:46
1956-03-02East Boundtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane4:25
1956-03-02Stablematestenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane5:51
1956-03-02Stablematestenor saxophonePaul Chambers5:54
1956-03-02Trane’s Blues (a.k.a. John Paul Jones)tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane6:57
1956-03Eastboundtenor saxophonePaul Chambers4:25
1956-03Easy to Lovetenor saxophonePaul Chambers3:52
1956-03Trane’s Blues (a.k.a. John Paul Jones)tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane6:57
1956-03Visitationtenor saxophonePaul Chambers4:57
1956-04-20High Steptenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane8:10
1956-04-20Nixon, Dixon and Yates Bluestenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane8:30
1956-04-20Trane's Straintenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane11:02
1956-05-07Avalontenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane9:41
1956-05-07Avalontenor saxophoneElmo Hope, John Coltrane, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Philly Joe Jones9:37
1956-05-07Avalontenor saxophoneElmo Hope Sextet9:37
1956-05-07On Ittenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane9:04
1956-05-07On Ittenor saxophoneElmo Hope Sextet9:02
1956-05-07On Ittenor saxophoneElmo Hope, John Coltrane, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Philly Joe Jones9:02
1956-05-07Polka Dots and Moonbeamstenor saxophoneElmo Hope Sextet8:36
1956-05-07Polka Dots and Moonbeamstenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane8:39
1956-05-07Polka Dots and Moonbeamstenor saxophoneElmo Hope, John Coltrane, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Philly Joe Jones8:36
1956-05-07Weejatenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane11:11
1956-05-07Weejatenor saxophoneElmo Hope Sextet11:09
1956-05-07Weejatenor saxophoneElmo Hope, John Coltrane, Donald Byrd, Jimmy Heath, Philly Joe Jones11:10
1956-05-11It Could Happen to Youtenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet6:38
1956-05-11Woody’n Youtenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet5:02
1956-05-24Tenor Madnessguest and tenor saxophoneSonny Rollins Quartet12:16
1956-06-05Bye Bye Blackbird (mono, studio session, 1956-6-5: Columbia 30th Street Studios, NYC, NY, US)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:56
1956-06-05Bye Bye Blackbirdtenor saxophoneMiles Davis7:55
1956-06-05Dear Old Stockholm (original studio master, mono)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:51
1956-06-05Tadd’s Delight (original studio master, mono)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet4:29
1956-07-14Ah-leu-chatenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet5:54
1956-07-14Ah-Leu-Chatenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:52
1956-07-14Airegin / The Theme (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis6:57
1956-07-14All of Youtenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet6:36
1956-07-14All of You (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis6:41
1956-07-14Introtenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet0:41
1956-07-14Oleo (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis6:05
1956-07-14The Theme (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis0:40
1956-07-14Walkin'tenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:27
1956-07-14Walkin' (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis7:35
1956-07-14Woody 'n' You (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet5:14
1956-07-21Airegintenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet6:07
1956-07-21All of You (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis11:19
1956-07-21All of Youtenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet11:03
1956-07-21Newk #2 / The Themetenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:01
1956-07-21Sign Off / The Themetenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet1:16
1956-07-21Two Bass Hittenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet5:17
1956-07-21Two Bass Hit (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:26
1956-07-21Well You Needn't (live)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis7:48
1956-07-21Well You Needn'ttenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet7:39
1956-09-07Bob’s Boystenor saxophoneHank Mobley, Al Cohn, John Coltrane & Zoot Sims8:20
1956-09-07How Deep Is the Oceantenor saxophoneHank Mobley, Al Cohn, John Coltrane & Zoot Sims15:04
1956-09-07Just You, Just Metenor saxophoneHank Mobley, Al Cohn, John Coltrane & Zoot Sims9:29
1956-09-07Tenor Conclavetenor saxophoneHank Mobley, Al Cohn, John Coltrane & Zoot Sims11:05
1956-09-10’round Midnight (mono, studio session, 1956-9-10: Columbia Studio, New York, US)tenor saxophoneMiles Davis5:57
1956-09-10Sweet Sue, Just Youtenor saxophoneMiles Davis3:38
1956-09-21Dear Anntenor saxophonePaul Chambers4:19
1956-09-21Just for the Lovetenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane3:45
1956-09-21Just for the Lovetenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane3:43
1956-09-21Just for the Lovetenor saxophonePaul Chambers3:42
1956-09-21Nitatenor saxophonePaul Chambers6:32
1956-09-21Nitatenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane6:31
1956-09-21Omicrontenor saxophonePaul Chambers7:17
1956-09-21Omicrontenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane7:16
1956-09-21Tale of the Fingerstenor saxophonePaul Chambers4:42
1956-09-21We Sixtenor saxophonePaul Chambers7:41
1956-09-21We Sixtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane7:40
1956-09-21Whims of Chamberstenor saxophonePaul Chambers4:05
1956-10-26’Round Midnighttenor saxophoneMiles Davis, Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz Giants5:26
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BebopMilt Jackson feat. John Coltrane8:00
Grand CentralCannonball Adderley & John Coltrane4:32
Ruby, My Dear (studio, 1957-07)Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane6:21
CompassionJohn Coltrane9:33
ConsequencesJohn Coltrane7:20
Cousin MaryArchie Shepp7:14
JoyJohn Coltrane8:52
JupiterJohn Coltrane5:21
Jupiter (variation)John Coltrane6:48
LeoJohn Coltrane11:01
LoveJohn Coltrane8:03
MarsJohn Coltrane10:41
Mr. SymsArchie Shepp7:41
NaimaArchie Shepp7:10
Number OneJohn Coltrane11:58
Peace on EarthJohn Coltrane7:12
Rufus (Swung, His Face at Last to the Wind, Then His Neck Snapped)Archie Shepp6:25
SaturnJohn Coltrane11:35
SerenityJohn Coltrane5:12
Syeeda’s Song FluteArchie Shepp8:30
VenusJohn Coltrane8:17
1964-12Part 1: AcknowledgementJohn Coltrane7:43
1968-01-29The SunAlice Coltrane4:01
1968-06-06Oceanic BelovedAlice Coltrane4:23
Blue WorldJohn Coltrane
Meditations on ColtraneBergen Big Band
1961-11-11Favoritestenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane & Eric Dolphy
1961-11-11Favoritessoprano saxophoneJohn Coltrane & Eric Dolphy
1965-09-30Live in Seattlesoprano saxophone and tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
'Round About Midnighttenor saxophoneMiles Davis
Blue Traintenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Blue Worldtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Both Directions at Once: The Lost Albumsoprano saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Both Directions at Once: The Lost Albumsoprano saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Both Directions at Once: The Lost Albumtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Both Directions at Once: The Lost Albumtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Countdown: The Savoy Sessionstenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane & Wilbur Harden
Espiritualtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Espiritualsoprano saxophoneJohn Coltrane
First Meditations (for quartet)tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Infinitybass clarinet and tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Infinitybass clarinet and tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Informal Jazztenor saxophoneElmo Hope Sextet
Live in Seattlesoprano saxophone and tenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
Milestenor saxophoneMiles Davis Quintet
Milestonestenor saxophoneMiles Davis
Milestonestenor saxophoneMiles Davis
The European Toursoprano saxophoneJohn Coltrane
The European Tourtenor saxophoneJohn Coltrane
liner notes
A Love SupremeJohn Coltrane
A Love Supreme (deluxe edition)John Coltrane
A Love SupremeJohn Coltrane
A Love SupremeJohn Coltrane
A Love SupremeJohn Coltrane
A Love Supreme (deluxe edition)[Original] John ColtraneJohn Coltrane
The Making of A Love SupremeguestVarious Artists
ExpressionJohn Coltrane
ExpressionJohn Coltrane
ExpressionJohn Coltrane
First Meditations (for quartet)John Coltrane
Stellar RegionsJohn Coltrane
UsfretTrilok Gurtu
tribute albums
A Guitar Supreme: Giant Steps in Fusion GuitarVarious Artists
Tribute to John Coltrane: Live Under the SkyWayne Shorter, Eddie Gomez, Jack De Johnette, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach
Afro Blue (John Coltrane arrangement)
1956Trane's Blues
A Love Supreme
A Love Supreme
A Love Supreme, Part 1: Acknowledgement
A Love Supreme, Part 2: Resolution
A Love Supreme, Part 3: Pursuance
A Love Supreme, Part 4: Psalm
Acknowledgement (lyrics Doug Carn)
After the Crescent
After the Rain
Ascension, Part I
Ascension, Part II
Bass Blues
Bessie's Blues
Big Nick
Blue Train
Blue Valse
Blues Minor
Blues to Bechet
Blues to Elvin
Blues to You
By the Numbers
Central Park West
Chasin' Another Trane
Chasin' the Trane
Chronic Blues
Coltrane Time
Cousin Mary
Dahomey Dance
Dear Lord
Dearly Beloved
Fifth House
Giant Steps
Goldsboro Express
Grand Central
Jimmy's Mode
Lazy Bird
Like Sonny
Living Space
Lonnie's Lament
Miles' Mode
Moment's Notice
Mr. Day
Mr. Knight
Mr. P.C.
Mr. Syms
Naima (vocalese version, lyrics by Mimi Perrin)
Naima (original instrumental version)
Naima (song version with English lyrics by Jon Hendricks)
Number One
One Down, One Up
Peace on Earth
Red Planet
Seraphic Light
Some Other Blues
Song of Praise
Stellar Regions
Stevie / Mr. P.C.
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A Dios
Just for the Love
Lonnie's Lament / Naima / Chasin' the Trane
Slow Blues
Untitled Original 11383
Untitled Original 11386