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voiced by: Otis Jackson Jr. (legal name & drummer side-project of Madlib) (1998 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Astro Black
Astro Travellin
Axe Puzzles
Bad Character
Basic Instinct
Boom Music
Come On Feet
Discipline 99, Part 0
Discipline 99, Part 1
Goodmorning Sunshine
Green Power
Jazz Cats, Part 1
Low Class Conspiracy
Microphone Mathematics
Phony Game
Put a Curse on You
Real Eyes
Return of the Loop Digga
The Unseen
Welcome to Violence
Don't Trip Declaime feat. Quasimoto 4:26
In Rhymes We Trust (instrumental) / Dinosaur Brain Beat MED / Quasimoto 1:26
React Jaylib feat. Quasimoto 2:46
Spaces King Britt feat. Quasimoto 3:28
Spaces (feat. Quasimoto) King Britt 3:27
Sparkdala DJ Design feat. Quasimoto & Madlib ?:??
Strip Club (dirty) Jaylib feat. Quasimoto ?:??
Strip Club (radio edit) Jaylib feat. Quasimoto ?:??
Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Lootpack & Quasimoto 5:50
20 Questions guest and lead vocals Lootpack feat. Quasimoto 1:06
24-7 Quasimoto feat. Medaphoar 2:48
America’s Most Blunted guest and lead vocals Madvillain feat. Lord Quas 3:56
Answers guest and lead vocals Lootpack feat. Quasimoto 4:44
Astro Black Quasimoto 3:17
Astro Travellin Quasimoto 2:59
Axe Puzzles Quasimoto 2:35
Bad Character Quasimoto 1:56
Basic Instinct Quasimoto 2:11
Blitz Quasimoto 1:16
Bluffin Quasimoto 2:47
Boom Music Quasimoto 2:48
Come On Feet Quasimoto feat. Melvin Van Peebles 3:35
Discipline 99, Part 0 Quasimoto feat. Mr. Herb 2:33
Discipline 99, Part 1 Quasimoto feat. Wildchild 3:36
Goodmorning Sunshine Quasimoto 2:57
Green Power Quasimoto 3:00
Jazz Cats, Part 1 Quasimoto 2:43
Low Class Conspiracy Quasimoto 2:28
MHBs Quasimoto 2:03
Microphone Mathematics Quasimoto 3:15
Phony Game Quasimoto 1:56
Put a Curse on You Quasimoto 1:47
Real Eyes Quasimoto 3:22
Return of the Loop Digga Quasimoto 3:46
Shadows of Tomorrow guest and lead vocals Madvillain feat. Lord Quas 2:36
Strip Club Jaylib 2:50
The Unseen Quasimoto 2:54
Welcome to Violence Quasimoto 0:49