Sirius (Portuguese black metal band)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Abstract Eerie Corridors 4:47
Aeons of Magick 9:16
Axis 3:51
Beyond the Scarlet Horizon 5:36
Desolate Magnetic Fields 5:35
Dimensional Quantum 2:59
Ethereal Flames of Chaos 6:32
Fiery Strife at the Cosmic Gates of Armageddon ?:??
In Astral Plains of Trance 5:19
In Astral Plains of Trance 4:06
Infinity (remix) 5:44
Into Forbidden Dimensions 5:11
Out of the Serpent Line ?:??
Paradox Timeline 6:49
Sidereal Mirror 6:18
Spectral Transition 1:27
Spiritual Metamorphosis 5:08
Stellar Transcendence 5:20
The Collapsing Spheres of Time 9:13
The Majesty of the Nightsky 4:21
The Quest for Dreamlore Essence ?:??
The Stargate 3:36
This is My Life 3:45
This Is My Life (Raver's Universe) 5:48
Travellers of the Stellar Ocean 6:27
Unveiled the Path of Algol, The Riddles Beyond the Stars ?:??

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