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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Artificial Respiration (thanks for playing) XeoN 1:11
Chemical Slave XeoN 1:39
Curvature Region (crew race) XeoN 1:13
Dark Ages XeoN 2:02
Dream of Winds XeoN 1:51
Dream of Winds XeoN 4:03
Eternal Fantasy XeoN 1:44
I Want You (RD mix) Lin-G redesigned by XeoN ?:??
Lover (RD mix) ND Lee redesigned by XeoN ?:??
Raindrops (mission lounge) XeoN 1:14
Renovation XeoN 2:07
See U Next Time (ending) XeoN 1:11
Shoreline (RD mix) Oriental ST8 redesigned by XeoN ?:??
Thor XeoN 1:50
Thor (Extended ver.) XeoN 3:22
Thor ~ Deepin' Absonant Mix ~ XeoN 3:23
Virtual Atmosphere (Technika 2 teaser) XeoN 1:41
Watch Your Step XeoN 1:40
Xeus XeoN 2:10
XEUS (DJMAX RAY mix) XeoN 2:08
Xeus (Extended Ver.) XeoN 4:51

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