Harold Coletta

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1947-11-09 – 1947-11-10 Body and Soul (1947 original studio master) viola Frank Sinatra 3:15
1959-05-01 Deep in a Dream viola Milt Jackson 3:43
1959-05-01 Nuages viola Milt Jackson 3:40
1959-05-01 The Midnight Sun Will Never Set viola Milt Jackson 3:48
1959-05-01 Tomorrow viola Milt Jackson 3:24
1959-09-10 Alone Together violin Milt Jackson 4:53
1959-09-10 Makin' Whoopee violin Milt Jackson 3:05
1959-09-10 The Cylinder violin Milt Jackson 2:48
1965-03-16 Here’s That Rainy Day viola Wes Montgomery 4:58
1965-03-16 Musty viola Wes Montgomery 4:14
1965-05-18 Tear It Down viola Wes Montgomery 3:10
1965-05-18 The Shadow of Your Smile viola Wes Montgomery 2:19
1965-05-19 A Quiet Thing viola Wes Montgomery 3:31
1965-05-19 Con Alma viola Wes Montgomery 3:25
1965-05-20 Bumpin’ viola Wes Montgomery 6:51
1965-05-20 Mi Cosa viola Wes Montgomery 3:23
1967-06-06 A Day in the Life viola Wes Montgomery 5:46
1967-06-06 California Nights viola Wes Montgomery 2:32
1967-06-07 Angel viola Wes Montgomery 2:50
1967-06-07 Eleanor Rigby viola Wes Montgomery 3:07
1967-06-07 The Joker viola Wes Montgomery 3:26
1967-06-07 Trust in Me viola Wes Montgomery 4:28
1967-06-07 Watch What Happens viola Wes Montgomery 2:45
1967-06-07 When a Man Loves a Woman viola Wes Montgomery 2:55
1967-06-07 Willow Weep for Me viola Wes Montgomery 4:35
1967-06-07 Windy viola Wes Montgomery 2:22
1969-07 Come Out With Me viola Phil Woods 5:24
1969-07 Fill the Woods With Laugther viola Phil Woods 4:03
1969-07 Flowers viola Phil Woods 3:23
1969-07 Guess What viola Phil Woods 2:49
1969-07 Here's That Rainy Day viola Phil Woods 4:01
1969-07 How Can I Be Sure? viola Phil Woods 2:52
1969-07 I'm All Smiles viola Phil Woods 3:09
1969-07 Love Song for a Dead Che viola Phil Woods 2:51
1969-07 Round Trip viola Phil Woods 2:59
1969-07 Solitude viola Phil Woods 2:44
1969-07 This Is All I Ask viola Phil Woods 3:32
1971-01-13 Historia de amor (Love Story) viola Gilberto With Turrentine 3:35
1971-01-13 Where There's a Heartache viola Gilberto With Turrentine 3:11
1971-02-01 Solo el fin (For All We Know) viola Gilberto With Turrentine 3:18
1971-02-04 Traveling Light viola Gilberto With Turrentine 2:31
1971-02-04 Wanting Things viola Gilberto With Turrentine 2:41
1971-03-19 Brazilian Tapestry viola Gilberto With Turrentine 5:16
1971-04-06 Vera Cruz (instrumental) viola Gilberto With Turrentine 5:12
1971-10-22 Equinox viola Hubert Laws 6:23
1971-10-22 Pensativa viola Hubert Laws 4:03
1971-11-23 Ashanti viola Hubert Laws 5:29
1971-11-23 Motherless Child viola Hubert Laws 5:32
1971-11-23 Wildflower viola Hubert Laws 3:12
Baby, I'm for Real viola Esther Phillips 4:20
Black Light viola David Sanborn 6:26
Blue Night viola David Sanborn 3:46
Brazilian Tapestry viola Astrud Gilberto 5:07
Caribe viola Antonio Carlos Jobim 2:45
Cast Your Fate to the Wind viola George Benson 6:53
Don't Mess With Mister T viola Stanley Turrentine 9:51
Don't Mess With Mister T (alternate take) viola Stanley Turrentine 7:13
Em viola George Benson 4:56
Flight viola David Sanborn 4:03
From a Whisper to a Scream viola Esther Phillips 4:15
Harlem Dawn viola Stanley Turrentine 7:52
Historia de amor (Love Story) viola Astrud Gilberto 3:32
Hold on, I'm Comin' viola George Benson 5:44
Home Is Where the Hatred Is viola Esther Phillips 3:25
I Could Never Repay Your Love viola Stanley Turrentine 8:22
I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do viola Stanley Turrentine 4:37
I Told Jesus viola Stanley Turrentine 7:41
In the Upper Room: Dance I viola Philip Glass 1:10
Just Walkin’ viola Wes Montgomery 3:37
Just Walkin’ viola Wes Montgomery 3:01
Lifeline strings Michael Franks 6:10
Living on the Inside strings Michael Franks 5:40
Mississippi City Strut viola Stanley Turrentine 8:42
My One and Only Love viola Wes Montgomery 4:09
One Rock Don't Make No Boulder viola George Benson 7:05
Pieces of Dream viola Stanley Turrentine 7:29
Salt Song viola Stanley Turrentine 7:17
Sanpaku strings Michael Franks 4:15
Shell of a Man viola George Benson 5:08
Siberian Workout viola George Benson 6:39
Solo el fin (For All We Know) viola Astrud Gilberto 3:15
Storm viola Stanley Turrentine 7:33
Sue Ann viola Antonio Carlos Jobim 3:05
That's All Right With Me viola Esther Phillips 3:20
The Girl From Ipanema viola Antonio Carlos Jobim 4:53
Theme From Good King Bad viola George Benson 5:58
Tide viola Antonio Carlos Jobim 4:07
Tiger in the Rain strings Michael Franks 4:21
To Lay Down Beside You viola Esther Phillips 5:00
Too Blue viola Stanley Turrentine 7:21
Traveling Light viola Astrud Gilberto 3:34
Two for T viola Stanley Turrentine 7:06
Underneath the Apple Tree strings Michael Franks 5:55
Vera Cruz viola Astrud Gilberto 5:15
Wanting Things viola Astrud Gilberto 3:02
Where There's a Heartache (There Must Be a Heart) viola Astrud Gilberto 3:55
Moondreams viola Walter Wanderley