Eric Johnson (guitarist and recording artist from Austin, Texas)

~ Person


TonesEric JohnsonVinyl9
Reprise Records25375-1
TonesEric JohnsonCD9
  • US1987-07-07
Reprise Records9 25375-2
Ah Via MusicomEric JohnsonCD11
  • US1990-03-20
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP 7 90517 2077779051724
Ah Via MusicomEric Johnson12" Vinyl11
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)C1-90517077779051717
Ah Via MusicomEric JohnsonCD11
  • -1990
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP-5905170208314059202
Ah Via Musicom (club edition)Eric JohnsonCD11
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.), BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)CDP 7 90517 2, D163459[none]
Ah Via MusicomEric Johnson12" Vinyl11
Friday MusicFRM 90517829421905172
Venus IsleEric JohnsonCD11
  • US1996-09-03
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)0777 7 98331 2 2077779833122
Venus IsleEric JohnsonCD11
Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.)CDP 0777 7 98331 2 2077779833122
Seven WorldsEric JohnsonCD10
  • US1998-09-22
Lone Wolf Records (Austin, TX)61868 10033 2 8618681003328
Seven WorldsEric JohnsonCD10
ARK 2161868 10033 28618681003328
Alien Love Child / Live And beyondEric JohnsonCD10
Favored NationsFN 2040-2690897204027
SouvenirEric Johnson(unknown)12
  • US2002-01-01
Vortexan MusicVM7771-2828527777126
BloomEric JohnsonDigital Media16
  • US2005-06-14
Favored Nations
BloomEric JohnsonCD16
Austin City Limits: Live From Austin, TX: Eric JohnsonEric JohnsonCD13
  • XW2005-11-01
New West RecordsNW 6084607396640928
Live From Austin, TX ’88Eric JohnsonDigital Media13
  • XW2005-11-01
New West Records607396608430
BloomEric JohnsonCD16
  • -2005
Favored NationsFN2510-2690897251021
AnaheimEric JohnsonDVD-Video9
  • US2008-05-03
Vanguard (imprint of Vanguard Records)79889-9015707988995
AnaheimEric JohnsonDVD-Video13
Up CloseEric JohnsonCD15
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)8 28527 77732 4828527777324
Live from Austin, TX '84Eric JohnsonCD11
  • US2010-11-22
New West RecordsNW6196607396619627
Live from Austin, TX '84Eric JohnsonDigital Media11
  • US2010-11-23
New West Records
TonesEric JohnsonCD9
Wounded Bird RecordsWOU 5375664140537521
Ah Via MusicomEric JohnsonDigital Media11
Imagination of YouEric Johnson feat. Christopher CrossDigital Media1
  • CA2013-01-01
  • US2013-01-01
Vortexan Music828527778956
Up Close Another LookEric JohnsonCD13
  • US2013-03-29
ProvoguePRD 7410 28712725741022
EclecticEric Johnson & Mike SternDigital Media12
  • US2014-10-14
Heads Up International[none]
EclecticEric Johnson & Mike SternCD12
  • XE2014-10-24
Heads Up InternationalHUI-35768-02888072357686
EclecticEric Johnson & Mike SternCD12
  • US2014-10-27
Heads Up International35768888072357686
Europe LiveEric JohnsonCD14
ProvoguePRD 74402819873011064
EJEric JohnsonCD13
  • US2016-10-07
ProvoguePRD 7510 2819873013983
EJEric JohnsonDigital Media13
CollageEric JohnsonCD10
  • US2017-11-17
Vortexan MusicVM 7774-2, VM 7775-20828527777522
CollageEric JohnsonCD11
  • JP2017-11-22
Seven Seas (Japanese imprint - don't use as holding/publisher/etc.)KICP-18864988003516352
Venus IsleEric Johnson12" Vinyl11
Universal Music Group International (manages UMG's offices in most countries outside of North America)LP430778808678160772
EJ Vol. IIEric JohnsonCD13
  • US2020-03-06
Vortexan MusicVM7777-2828527777720
EJ Vol IIEric JohnsonDigital Media13
  • US2020-03-06
Vortexan Music828527777720
Heatwave (Live 1990)Eric JohnsonDigital Media27
  • XW2021-07-02
The Book of MakingEric JohnsonCD9
  • XW2022-07-29
Blue Élan RecordsBER1398196626122773
Yesterday Meets TodayEric JohnsonCD9
  • XW2022-07-29
Blue Élan RecordsBER1399196626130723
TakeoutsEric JohnsonDigital Media7
  • XW2022-07-29
Blue Élan RecordsBER1434[none]
The Book of Making / Yesterday Meets TodayEric Johnson2×Digital Media9 + 9
Blue Élan Records196626122780
Cliffs of DoverEric Johnson(unknown)2
House of Blues LiveEric Johnson(unknown)12
MarianiEric Johnson(unknown)14
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