Eric Johnson (guitarist and recording artist from Austin, Texas)

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additional member of:The G3 Jam (guitar virtuoso live supergroup)
member of:Electromagnets (instrumental band) (ended)
Mariani (Heavy Psych; Austin, TX / US)
The Avenue (Eric Johnson) (from 1982-12 to present)
original member of:Alien Love Child
G3 (guitar virtuoso live supergroup) (in 1996, in 2000, in 2006)
supporting artists:Roscoe Beck
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1973 – 1974Rolling StoneguitarBrother Jack McDuff4:37
6th StreetguitarMike Stern7:49
A Song for Lifeacoustic guitarEric Johnson2:32
Ah Via MusicomguitarEric Johnson2:04
All About YouguitarEric Johnson8:21
Alone With Youguitar and pianoEric Johnson6:14
Bad Brakeselectric guitarCat Stevens3:27
Barrel HouseguitarBand of Horses4:48
Battle We Have WonsynthesizerEric Johnson5:59
Battle We Have WonguitarEric Johnson5:59
By Your Sideguitar and pianoEric Johnson3:38
Camel's Night OutguitarEric Johnson5:57
Camel’s Night OutguitarEric Johnson5:17
Cliffs of DoverguitarEric Johnson4:10
Cliffs of Dover (live)guitarEric Johnson6:14
Desert RoseguitarEric Johnson4:58
Distant Starelectric guitarSteve Morse Band3:56
Down Here on the Groundelectric guitarEric Johnson4:29
E² (Note to Note)guitarEric Gales feat. Eric Johnson5:44
East Weslap steel guitarEric Johnson3:27
East WesguitarEric Johnson3:27
Emerald Eyesguitar, piano and Rhodes pianoEric Johnson3:19
Forty Mile TownguitarEric Johnson4:13
Forty Mile Townlap steel guitarEric Johnson4:13
Going DownguitarJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai5:47
High LandronssitarEric Johnson5:46
High Landronslap steel guitarEric Johnson5:46
High LandronsguitarEric Johnson5:46
High LandronspianoEric Johnson5:46
I Can't Hideslide guitarJennifer Warnes4:51
I Promise I Will Tryacoustic guitar, electric guitar and lap steel guitarEric Johnson2:41
Lights of Lousianneclassical guitar [nylon-string guitar]Jennifer Warnes4:24
Lonely in the NightguitarEric Johnson6:05
Long Time GoneguitarMike Stern7:53
ManhattanguitarEric Johnson5:16
ManhattanguitarEric Johnson4:53
Minstrel Gigologuitar and soloChristopher Cross5:55
Missing Keyguitar and pianoEric Johnson3:43
Morning Sunelectric guitarEric Johnson4:37
My Guitar Wants to Kill Your MamaguitarJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai5:21
New Blues Old BruiseguitarJohn McLaughlin7:14
Nothing Can Keep Me From YouguitarEric Johnson4:23
Nothing Can Keep Me From YoupianoEric Johnson4:23
One Rainy Wishacoustic guitarEric Johnson3:27
PavilionguitarEric Johnson5:02
PipelinebassEric Johnson2:35
Pipelineelectric guitarEric Johnson2:35
Red HouseguitarJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai9:12
Resolutionguitar and soloEric Johnson5:39
RighteousguitarEric Johnson3:29
Rock Me Babyelectric guitarEric Johnson6:49
Rondaguitar and soloJay Aaron3:45
S.R.V.guitarEric Johnson3:03
Showdownguitar, lap steel guitar, piano and Rhodes pianoEric Johnson3:59
Song for Georgeacoustic guitarEric Johnson1:50
Song for LynetteguitarEric Johnson4:54
Steve's Boogielap steel guitarEric Johnson1:53
Steve's BoogieguitarEric Johnson1:53
Stratagemelectric guitarEric Johnson3:17
The Fadelap steel guitarEric Johnson5:04
The Fadeacoustic guitarEric Johnson5:04
The Fadeelectric guitarEric Johnson5:04
To Love Youelectric guitarEric Johnson8:05
To Whom It May Concernelectric pianoEric Johnson3:55
To Whom It May Concernelectric guitarEric Johnson3:55
TrademarkguitarEric Johnson4:45
Turn the Pageguitar, lap steel guitar and pianoEric Johnson3:48
Up Tight (Everything’s Alright)keyboardEric Johnson3:28
Up Tight (Everything’s Alright)electric guitarEric Johnson3:28
Up Tight (Everything’s Alright)bassEric Johnson3:28
Venus IsleguitarEric Johnson5:29
Venus RepriseguitarEric Johnson1:30
We Can Work It Outelectric guitarEric Johnson4:02
When the Sun Meets the SkyguitarEric Johnson7:54
Winter Camebass guitar, guitar and pianoEric Johnson4:56
ZapguitarEric Johnson6:07
ZapguitarEric Johnson3:22
The Washing Away of WrongguestJohn 5 feat. Eric Johnson8:44
12 to 12 VibeEric Johnson2:22
A Change Has Come to MeEric Johnson5:20
A Memory I HaveEric Johnson2:48
Ah Via MusicomEric Johnson2:04
All About YouEric Johnson8:21
ArithmeticEric Johnson4:33
AustinEric Johnson4:01
AwakenEric Johnson1:05
Battle We Have WonEric Johnson5:59
BloomEric Johnson3:10
Brilliant RoomEric Johnson & Malford Milligan3:53
Camel’s Night OutEric Johnson5:17
Change (revisited)Eric Johnson1:39
CielEric Johnson3:27
Cliffs of DoverEric Johnson4:10
Climbing From InsideEric Johnson3:32
ColumbiaEric Johnson2:23
Cruise the NileEric Johnson2:14
Desert RoseEric Johnson4:58
DustyEric Johnson1:23
East WesEric Johnson3:27
Fanfare OneEric Johnson1:58
FatdaddyEric Johnson2:44
Forever YoursEric Johnson4:13
Forty Mile TownEric Johnson4:13
From My HeartEric Johnson7:28
GemEric Johnson4:10
Get to GoEric Johnson4:47
Good to MeEric Johnson4:31
Hard TimesEric Johnson3:01
HesitantEric Johnson6:28
High LandronsEric Johnson5:46
I'm Finding YouEric Johnson4:25
Lonely in the NightEric Johnson6:05
MagnetizedEric Johnson3:22
ManhattanEric Johnson4:53
My Back PagesEric Johnson3:48
Nothing Can Keep Me From YouEric Johnson4:23
On the WayEric Johnson3:10
PaladinEric Johnson3:09
Paperback WriterEric Johnson4:06
PavilionEric Johnson5:02
RighteousEric Johnson3:29
S.R.V.Eric Johnson3:03
Sad LegacyEric Johnson4:06
Sea SecretEric Johnson1:57
Song for GeorgeEric Johnson1:50
Song for LynetteEric Johnson4:54
Soul SurpriseEric Johnson6:11
Space of CloudsEric Johnson2:50
Steve's BoogieEric Johnson1:53
Summer JamEric Johnson2:11
Sunnaround YouEric Johnson3:07
TexasEric Johnson6:02
The Sea and the MountainEric Johnson1:50
TrademarkEric Johnson4:45
TraverseEric Johnson1:18
Tribute to Jerry ReedEric Johnson2:28
Venus IsleEric Johnson5:29
Venus RepriseEric Johnson1:30
VirginiaEric Johnson4:12
VortexanEric Johnson3:04
When the Sun Meets the SkyEric Johnson7:54
Your BookEric Johnson4:15
Your Sweet EyesEric Johnson6:08
All About YouEric Johnson8:21
Alone With YouEric Johnson6:14
Battle We Have WonEric Johnson5:59
By Your SideEric Johnson3:38
Desert RoseEric Johnson4:58
Distant StarSteve Morse Band3:56
Emerald EyesEric Johnson3:19
Forty Mile TownEric Johnson4:13
Going DownJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai5:47
High LandronsEric Johnson5:46
I Promise I Will TryEric Johnson2:41
Lonely in the NightEric Johnson6:05
Missing KeyEric Johnson3:43
My Guitar Wants to Kill Your MamaJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai5:21
Nothing Can Keep Me From YouEric Johnson4:23
Red HouseJoe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai9:12
Rock Me BabyEric Johnson6:49
ShowdownEric Johnson3:59
The FadeEric Johnson5:04
To Love YouEric Johnson8:05
Turn the PageEric Johnson3:48
Up Tight (Everything’s Alright)Eric Johnson3:28
Venus IsleEric Johnson5:29
We Can Work It OutEric Johnson4:02
When the Sun Meets the SkyEric Johnson7:54
Pearls: Songs of Goffin and Kingguitar [rhythm and lead guitar]Carole King
Tonesguitar family and keyboardEric Johnson
Tonesguitar family and keyboardEric Johnson
Tonesguitar family and keyboardEric Johnson
TonesEric Johnson
TonesEric Johnson
TonesEric Johnson
Ah Via Musicom
Camel's Night Out
Cliffs of Dover
East Wes
Forty Mile Town
High Landrons
Nothing Can Keep Me From You
Song for George
Steve's Boogie
Western Flyer
Forty Mile Town
High Landrons
Nothing Can Keep Me From You
Desert Rose
Distant Star
Emerald Eyes