Cowboy Junkies

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Walking After Midnight (live, 1989-07-25: Ontario Place Forum, Toronto, Canada) CAR129500529 9:38
Walking After Midnight (live, 2007-05-20: Northampton, MA, USA) 5:43
Walking After Midnight (Trinity Revisited) CAC480700024 5:21
Walking After Midnight (live) 5:29
We Are the Selfish Ones 2:40
We Are the Selfish Ones 3:26
We Hovered With Short Wings 4:46
West of Rome 5:08
Whalers / Mariner's Song 7:10
When the Bottom Fell Out 2:53
Where Are You Tonight (live, 2000-10-14: Elgin, IL, USA) 5:40
Where Are You Tonight (Sharon Temple Session) 5:04
Where Are You Tonight? 5:06
Where Are You Tonight? (live, 1994-06-03: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA) CAR129500246 5:23
White Sail 3:46
White Sail 5:58
White Sail (live, 2003-03-06: Oakville, ON, Canada) 4:09
Why This One CAC480400012 3:48
Why This One ?:??
Why This One 4:31
Why This One (live, 2003-03-10: Toronto, ON, Canada) 4:16
Why This One (live, 2004-10-07: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK) ?:??
Why This One (bed track) 3:48
Why This One (early demo) 3:32
Why This One (Mike demo) 3:39
Why This One? (live, 2004-07-14: Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta, GA, USA) ?:??
Winter's Song 3:00
Witches 2:45
Witches 3:34
Witches 2:44
Witches (live, 2003-03-03: Markham, ON, Canada) 3:27
Witches (Encore, 1st Song) 3:08
Withering 2:43
Working on a Building (live, 1996-09-11: Buffalo, NY, USA) 14:13
Working on a Building (live, 2009-05-07: Empire Theatre, Belleville, ON, Canada) 10:33
Working on a Building (live, 2009-06-21: Erie, PA, USA) 11:20
Working on a Building (Trinity Revisited) CAC480700021 6:38
Working On a Building 3:50
Wrong Piano 4:35
Wrong Piano 4:37
You Can Be Loved Too Much (live, 2000-10-14: Elgin, IL, USA) 4:32
You Took Tomorrow 3:22
You Will Be Loved Again 3:26
You Will Be Loved Again 3:39
You Will Be Loved Again (BBC Radio 1 Sessions) 3:09
You're Missing 5:27
You’re Missing 4:09

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