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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Buckethead 3:54
The 5 Masters of Decapitation Buckethead 3:57
The Abstractions of Beasts Buckethead / Travis Dickerson / Brain 5:49
The Android of Notre Dame Buckethead 3:39
The Ballad of Buckethead Buckethead 4:00
The Ballad of Buckethead Buckethead 3:38
The Ballad of the Inside‐Out Face Buckethead 1:05
The Battery Cage Brawls (Cage Announcer: The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln; Winner Has to Eat His Way Out) Buckethead 2:18
The Bellman Buckethead 4:56
The Bight of Benin Buckethead 1:36
The Black Forest Buckethead 2:12
The Blind Centipede Buckethead 0:55
The Blind Sniper (Fred Rogers) Buckethead 1:42
The Boiling Pond Buckethead 4:35
The Bottle House Buckethead 4:21
The Brain and the Chariot Buckethead / Travis Dickerson / Brain 5:01
The Bronze Bat Buckethead 0:38
The Canals Buckethead 3:45
The Cape of Good Hope Buckethead 7:19
The Cellar Yawns Buckethead 10:16
The Chicken or the Egg Buckethead / Travis Dickerson 6:02
The Cliff’s Stare Buckethead 4:42
The Closed Triptych Buckethead 11:25
The Coats of Claude Buckethead 13:26
The Cobra’s Hood Buckethead 2:59
The Cookie Monster Buckethead 5:13
The Corpse Plower Buckethead 3:21
The Cosmic Calendar Buckethead / Travis Dickerson / Brain 7:31
The Creaking Stairs Part 1 Buckethead 11:06
The Creaking Stairs Part 2 Buckethead 9:37
The Creaking Stairs Part 3 Buckethead 8:26
The Cuckoo Parade Buckethead 4:35
The Cupboards Are Buckethead 1:01
The Dunes Buckethead 4:27
The Escape Wheel Buckethead 2:53
The Fairy and the Devil Buckethead 2:57
The Flooding of Pain Buckethead 10:11
The Forest Sings Buckethead 5:26
The Hand Buckethead feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian 4:24
The Hatch Buckethead 4:01
The Hills Have Eyes Buckethead 2:56
The Hills Have Headcheese Buckethead 3:44
The Homing Beacon Buckethead 6:53
The Insides of the Outsides part 1 Buckethead 4:40
The Insides of the Outsides part 2 Buckethead 3:59
The Insides of the Outsides part 3 Buckethead 5:27
The Insides of the Outsides part 4 Buckethead 6:23
The Insides of the Outsides part 5 Buckethead 3:37
The Insides of the Outsides part 6 Buckethead 6:34
The Jerk Buckethead, Brain & Melissa 7:24
The Kingdom of Nie Buckethead 1:09
The Land Bleeds Buckethead 3:55
The Last Ride of the Bozomobile Buckethead 2:03
The Left Panel Buckethead 19:17
The Letter Be... Buckethead 4:07
The Light in the Fog Buckethead 9:56
The Mermaid Stairwell Buckethead 12:04
The Mighty Microscope Buckethead 13:57
The Miracle Molecule Buckethead 10:30
The Miracle of Surrender Buckethead 5:37
The Mist Buckethead 1:26
The Moltrail part 1 Buckethead 10:21
The Moltrail part 2 Buckethead 16:33
The Moors Buckethead 14:34
The Mops Got Something On It Buckethead 1:15
The Other Side of Midnight Buckethead 0:51
The Other Side of the Dark Buckethead 16:50
The Other Side of the Island Buckethead 2:43
The Past Is a Different Country, I Don't Live There Anymore Jonas Hellborg with Buckethead and Michael Shrieve 9:16
The Patrolman Buckethead 7:30
The Pendulum Buckethead 8:07
The Pier Buckethead 0:54
The Pit, Part 1 Buckethead 4:28
The Pit, Part 2 Buckethead 2:12
The Pit, Part 3 Buckethead 2:21
The Pit, Part 4 Buckethead 3:34
The Pit, Part 5 Buckethead 3:21
The Pit, Part 6 Buckethead 4:23
The Pond of Peace Buckethead 12:15
The Poultry Show Buckethead 4:16
The Rack & Alice in Slaughterland Buckethead 2:33
The Raid Buckethead 3:05
The Ravines of Falsehood Buckethead 3:12
The Redeem Team Buckethead 5:01
The Return of Captain EO Buckethead 3:30
The Rising Sun Buckethead 5:26
The Robot Who Lost Its Head Buckethead 3:58
The Shape vs. Buckethead Buckethead 5:40
The Shores of Molokai Buckethead 4:18
The Shriek of Revenge Buckethead 1:18
The Siphoning Sequence Buckethead 3:54
The Sky Is Heavy Buckethead 15:06
The Sleep Book Buckethead 4:44
The Slunk, the Gutter, and the Candlestick Maker Buckethead 4:18
The Snow Rabbit Buckethead 3:23
The Spider’s Web Buckethead 1:19
The Spirit Winds Buckethead 25:02
The Sticker on Hallucinogens Buckethead 1:42
The Stretching Room Buckethead 3:11
The Treeman Buckethead 3:40

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