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Legal name: Brian Carroll (guitarist a/k/a Buckethead) (Brian Patrick Carroll)

Also performs as: Death Cube K



1991Bucketheadland BlueprintsBuckethead2
1993Octave of the Holy InnocentsJonas Hellborg with Buckethead and Michael Shrieve1
1994Giant RobotBuckethead53
1996The Day of the RobotBuckethead1
1996Giant Robot (NTT release)Buckethead1
1999Monsters and RobotsBuckethead3
2001Somewhere Over the SlaughterhouseBuckethead1
2002Funnel WeaverBuckethead1
2002Bermuda TriangleBuckethead1
2002Electric TearsBuckethead41
2003Bucketheadland 2Buckethead1
2003PandemoniumfromamericaBuckethead & Viggo1
2004Bucketheadland: Island of Lost MindsBuckethead1
2004The Cuckoo Clocks of HellBuckethead41
2004Population OverrideBuckethead4.652
2005Intelligence FailureBuckethead & Viggo11
2005Enter the ChickenBuckethead & Friends2
2005Inbred MountainBuckethead1
2006The Elephant Man’s Alarm ClockBuckethead1
2006Crime Slunk SceneBuckethead4.53
2006Chicken NoodlesBuckethead / Travis Dickerson1
2007In Search of TheBuckethead2
2007Pepper’s GhostBuckethead1
2007Acoustic ShardsBuckethead3
2007Cyborg SlunksBuckethead1
2007Decoding the Tomb of BansheebotBuckethead1
2007Kevin’s Noodle HouseBrain and Buckethead1
2007Chicken Noodles IIBuckethead / Travis Dickerson1
2008From the CoopBuckethead1
2008Albino SlugBuckethead1
2008The Dragons of EdenBuckethead / Travis Dickerson / Brain1
2009Slaughterhouse on the PrairieBuckethead1
2009A Real Diamond in the RoughBuckethead42
2009Forensic FolliesBuckethead1
2009Needle in a Slunk StackBuckethead1
2010Shadows Between the SkyBuckethead1
2010Best RegardsBrain and Buckethead1
2010Spinal ClockBuckethead1
2010Brain as HamenoodleBrain and Buckethead1
2010Kind RegardsBuckethead, Brain & Melissa1
2010Captain EO’s VoyageBuckethead1
2010Left HangingBuckethead / Travis Dickerson1
2010Happy Holidays from BucketheadBuckethead1
2011ReunionBuckethead & Viggo1
2012Electric SeaBuckethead1
20175 13 10 31Buckethead1
2020Division is the Devil's PlaygroundBuckethead1
2020Skeleton KeysBuckethead1
2020Once Upon A Distant PlaneBuckethead1
2020The Sea Remembers Its OwnBuckethead1
2020Toys R Us TantrumsBuckethead1
2020In DreamlandBuckethead1
2020Through The Looking GardenBuckethead1

Album + Compilation + Live

2019Live in BucketheadlandBuckethead1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

2019SIGIL SoundtrackBuckethead2

Album + Live

2006Young Buckethead Vol. 1Buckethead1


2011The Rising SunBuckethead1
2018Missing My ParentsBuckethead1


2001KFC Skin PilesBuckethead2
2011It’s Alive (Pike 1)Buckethead2
2011Empty Space (Pike 2)Buckethead1
20113 Foot Clearance (Pike 3)Buckethead1
2011Look Up There (Pike 5)Buckethead1
2011Underground Chamber (Pike 4)Buckethead2
2012Balloon Cement (Pike 6)Buckethead2
2012The Shores of Molokai (Pike 7)Buckethead1
2012March of the Slunks (Pike 9)Buckethead2
2012Racks (Pike 8)Buckethead1
2012The Silent Picture Book (Pike 10)Buckethead2
2013Forgotten Library (Pike 11)Buckethead2
2013Propellar (Pike 12)Buckethead2
2013Pike 13Buckethead52
2013View Master (Pike 15)Buckethead2
2013The Boiling Pond (Pike 16)Buckethead3
2013The Spirit Winds (Pike 17)Buckethead2
2013Thaw (Pike 20)Buckethead3
2013The Astrodome (Pike 18)Buckethead2
2013Teeter Slaughter (Pike 19)Buckethead2
2013Telescape (Pike 23)Buckethead1
2013Sphere Facade (Pike 22)Buckethead3
2013Spiral Trackway (Pike 21)Buckethead3
2013Slug Cartilage (Pike 24)Buckethead1
2013Pancake Heater (Pike 25)Buckethead1
2013Worms for the Garden (Pike 26)Buckethead1
2013Halls of Dimension (Pike 27)Buckethead1
2013Splatters (Pike 29)Buckethead1
2013Feathers (Pike 28)Buckethead1
2013Mannequin Cemetery (Pike 30)Buckethead1
2013Pearson’s Square (Pike 31)Buckethead51
2013Pumpkin (Pike 33)Buckethead1
2013Thank You Ohlinger’s (Pike 35)Buckethead1
2013The Pit (Pike 36)Buckethead1
2013Rise of the Blue Lotus (Pike 32)Buckethead1
2013Hollowed Out (Pike 37)Buckethead1
2013It Smells Like Frogs (Pike 38)Buckethead1
2013Twisterlend (Pike 39)Buckethead1

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