Infernal (Danish dance/pop duo)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Speakers On Kato and Infernal ?:??
Sunday Morning March Infernal 2:52
Sunday Morning March (DJ River extended) (part of a “Ambient Chillout Mix 4: Winter 2005” DJ‐mix) Infernal ?:??
Sunrise Infernal 3:58
Sunrise Infernal 3:48
Sunrise Infernal 3:56
Sunrise Infernal 3:53
Sunrise Infernal 3:55
Sunrise (acoustic version) Infernal 3:40
Sunrise (live version) Infernal 5:28
Ten Miles Infernal DKCC50500904 3:29
Ten Miles Infernal 3:27
Ten Miles Infernal 2:43
Ten Miles Infernal 3:19
Ten Miles (Brasco mix) Infernal 5:34
Ten Miles (Jack to Life mix) Infernal 6:31
Ten Miles (Spank! @ The High Mile mix) Infernal 5:30
Ten Milles Infernal 3:28
The break Infernal 5:25
The Cult of Noise Snap! vs. Infernal 2:59
The Cult of Noise (radio mix) Snap! vs. Infernal 2:56
The Weekend and I Infernal 3:49
Think Cavalli, Baby Infernal 4:46
This Little Secret Infernal DKCC50601003 4:14
Turkish Bizarre Infernal 3:47
Ultimate Control Infernal feat. John Rock 3:20
Ultimate Control Infernal DKCC50400407 3:22
Vienna Infernal 4:44
Voodoo Cowboy Infernal 4:27
Voodoo Cowboy Infernal 3:25
Voodoo Cowboy (Aliens Ate My C-C-Country club mix) Infernal 6:43
Voodoo Cowboy (Infernal's club mix) Infernal 5:28
Voodoo Cowboy (Infernal's radio mix) Infernal 3:43
Voodoo Cowboy (Infernal's radio-club mix) Infernal 3:42
Voodoo Cowboy (original mix) Infernal 4:26
Voodoo Cowboy (radio mix) Infernal 3:26
Weird How You... Infernal 4:21
Whatever You Need Me Infernal 3:55
Whenever You Need Me Infernal 3:57
Whenever You Need Me Infernal 3:56
Whenever You Need Me Infernal 3:56
Whenever You Need Me (Asle club mix) Infernal 7:29
Whenever You Need Me (Flipside & Michael Parsberg remix) Infernal 7:43
Whenever You Need Me (Gorm Jay remix) Infernal 5:04
Whenever You Need Me (Hampenberg Pop remix) Infernal 5:16
Whenever You Need Me (original version) Infernal 3:58
Whenever You Need Me (radio edit) Infernal 3:55
Whenever You Need Me (The Mac Project club mix) Infernal 7:19
Whenever You Need Me (The Mac Project dub) Infernal 5:32
Whereever You Need Me Infernal 3:07
Wont Be Crying (Beatfreakz club mix) Infernal 5:16
You Receive Me Infernal 3:50
You Receive Me Infernal 3:47
You Receive Me (DJ Asle remix edit) Infernal 4:06
You Receive Me (DJ Asle remix) Infernal 8:16
You Receive Me (extended mix) Infernal 5:45
You Receive Me (extended mix) Infernal 4:34
You Receive Me (Humbled By Nature) Infernal 3:44
You Receive Me (original mix) Infernal 3:49
You Receive Me (original mix) Infernal 3:47
Your Crown Infernal 5:10
Your Crown Infernal 4:10
Your Crown (live version) Infernal 3:24

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