Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Calendar Crime 2:30
Alarm Clock 3:35
Alaska 5:11
Behave You Silly Freaks 3:13
Bonus Track 2:18
Chainsaw (Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell) 3:43
Chinese Checkers and Devo Records 3:48
Clever Found a Name 3:44
Clock in Now 2:43
Corrective Lenses 2:42
Dear in the Headlights 2:52
Divine Sarcasm 1:23
Dominique 3:01
Don't Point at the Stoners 1:14
Drizzle 3:15
Elephants 2:44
Enjoy the New Planet 4:02
Evaporated 3:45
Gone Against the Tide 3:20
Her First Party 2:42
How to Tune a Guitar 3:18
How to Win at Roulette 1:53
I Am Still the King of Confusion 0:55
I Color Outside the Lines 2:09
I Got Coal 2:59
I Hate The Sun 3:21
I Killed Mr. Red 1:03
I Never Thought Today Would Be So Strange 3:04
I Put Opium in the Food 3:07
I Regret the Day I Tried to Steal Daniel's Ego 4:04
I Was That Masked Man 2:38
I. The Staring Contest 0:48
I'll Sing a Sweeter Song Tomorrow 3:19
I'm From the Future 3:10
II. Maggie Doesn't Blink 2:45
III. 'You Can Keep a Straight Poker Face or Play Dead in the Movies' 0:40
In Circles 3:51
Is This On? 2:08
It's Hard to Run Uphill on Stilts 6:36
IV. Just What Is Maggie Thinking? 2:49
Jack Never Crashes 2:54
Jesus Loves Mike D. 3:40
Low and Silent 3:49
Man Called Uncle 2:23
Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory 5:37
Persuasive Is Your Name 2:10
Plan to Stay Awake 2:05
Pulling Teeth 2:36
Release the Squid (Box 6) 3:55
Set to Stun 2:55
She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine 3:02
She Can Play Me... ?:??
Spinecracker 1:19
Square 2:41
Starting to Stop 2:45
Stumble 2:57
The Aztec God 2:24
The Aztec God ?:??
The Bitter Old Man Blues 3:43
The Deathray Davies Set the Original Tone 2:06
The Experts 2:25
The Fall Fashions 3:59
The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower 3:34
The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower 3:33
The Last Train to Deathville 2:27
The Medication's Gone 4:15
The Quiet Game 0:09
The Strongest Man in the World 2:06
The Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground, Part 1 2:55
The Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground, Part 2 2:46
The Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground, Part 4 3:00
They Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground Part 5 3:18
They Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground, Part 7 3:39

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