Lotus (Philidelphia Electronica/Rock band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Orchids Lotus 3:32
Out of Focus Lotus 3:52
Out of Focus (Kilowatts - Bifocal Remix) Lotus 5:09
Pitched to the Fire Lotus 2:33
Plant Your Root Lotus 6:53
Scrapple Lotus 4:20
Simian Lotus 4:32
Simplify Unwind Lotus feat. Mr. Lif 2:03
Slow Cookin' Lotus 10:47
Solar Wind Lotus 5:37
Spaghetti (live) Lotus 6:49
Spiritualize Lotus 9:15
Spiritualize (live) Lotus 12:30
Sprout to Vine Lotus 3:55
Suitcases Lotus 6:14
Suitcases (Another Sandwich? mix by J. Miller) Lotus 5:14
Suitcases (Scottie B remix) Lotus 5:54
Sunrain Lotus 5:02
Sunrain Lotus 3:12
Sunrain > Lotus 5:24
Sunset of the Giant Dipper Lotus 5:50
The Oaks Lotus 5:17
The Oaks (D.V.S* Remix) Lotus 4:10
The Surf Lotus 4:02
Through the Mirror Lotus 9:03
Tip of the Dub (Telepath remix) Lotus 4:29
Tip of the Tongue Lotus 6:11
Tip of the Tongue (live) Lotus 10:27
Tip of the Tongue (Broken mix by DJ Harry) Lotus 6:51
Tip of the Tongue (J. Miller remix) Lotus 5:05
Travel Lotus 5:41
Travel (The Airport mix by Marc Cazorla) Lotus 6:44
Turquoise Lotus 4:50
Turquoise (Prussian Blue remix) Lotus 6:00
Uffi Lotus 5:14
Umbilical Moonrise Lotus 14:17
Umbilical Moonset Lotus 9:33
Vancouver Island Lotus 4:05
Wax Lotus 14:23
What Did I Do Wrong Lotus 4:09
What Did I Do Wrong (live) Lotus 5:53
When H Binds to O Lotus 4:17
When H Binds to O Lotus 6:47
When H Binds to O (Hydronium mix by Skytree) Lotus 5:35
When H Binds to O (Oxidation mix by J. Tonal) Lotus 4:21
Wooly Mammoth Lotus 8:19
Zelda (live) Lotus 5:34

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