Los Pablos

~ Artist



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Back to Reality 7:49
Back to Reality 7:48
Fiesta Loca 4:00
Fiesta Loca (original Loca mix) 4:05
Indio Desterrado 2:29
Indio Desterrado 1:18
It's a Dream (Robojox remix) 5:46
It's a Dream (short Dream mix) 3:47
It's a Dream (short Dream remix) 3:46
Jason's Watching (extended mix) 7:37
Jason's Watching (extended mix) 7:33
Jason's Watching (short mix) 2:17
Jasons's Watching (extended mix) 1:37
Let Us Fly 3:48
Let Us Fly (extended mix) (part of a “DJ Networx, Volume 2” DJ-mix) 4:00
Mind Solution 3:36
Mind Solution 4:01
Mind Solution (trance mix) 6:37
Mind Solution (Trance Mix) 6:36
Skyraiser 5:31
Skyraiser 7:44
Skyraiser (part of “Tunnel Trance Force, Vol. 10” DJ-mix) 4:15
Skyraiser (original mix) 3:52
Skyraiser (original mix) 7:47
The Way We Like It 3:50
The Way We Like It (Heavy mix) ?:??
The Way We Like It (live mix) ?:??
The Way We Like It (Normal mix) ?:??
Tierra Preciosa 4:32
Tierra Preciosa (Abreviado mix) 4:33
Tierra Preciosa (Wonderful Land) 8:14
Trip to Eternity (part of “Futurescope F-006: Full On!” DJ‐mix) 6:08
Trip to Eternity (part of a “TranzWorld 2” DJ‐mix) 5:02
Trip To Eternity 6:02

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