Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Touch of Evil 2:43
All the World Is a Stage 0:41
Bittersweet the Pain 1:28
Circus of Bottomless Stupidity 1:19
Eternalized in a Godless World 1:55
Everything Is an Illusion 3:27
Forget Me Not 1:47
Gargoyles and Weltschmerz 0:52
Heart of Darkness 3:17
Like Tears in the Rain 0:21
Metamorphosis 1:55
Moon Over Golgatha 1:05
Nothingness 0:54
Once There Was a Rose 1:05
Paradise Lost in the Shadow of Satan 0:53
River of Night 1:21
September Songs 0:45
Silent Rage 1:59
The 49 Days of Truthfulness 1:08
The Beauty of Emptiness 4:41
The Devil in the Flesh 0:45
The Endless Sea 0:49
The Gospel According to Anti-Christ 1:01
The Iron-Ring of Ignorance 1:03
The Last Dream 3:26
The Promised Land 0:33
The Sun Is Shining 0:34
The Voice of Truth 0:15
The Voices of the Dead 1:25
The World Is on Fire Forever 5:47
There Is No Hope 0:26
When Nothing Is Sacred 2:00

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