Chris Corsano (drummer)

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Also performs as: Kristian Rädiätiön


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2015Live at StoneOkkyung Lee, Chris Corsano, Bill Nace1
2018Mystic BeingsChris Corsano, Bill Nace, Steve Baczkowski1


2006The Beloved MusicPaul Flaherty & Chris Corsano1


2000The Hated MusicPaul Flaherty & Chris Corsano1
2004GraduationNels Cline, Chris Corsano & Carlos Giffoni1
2005Immolation/ImmersionNels ClineWally ShoupChris Corsano2
2005Last EyesFlaherty · Corsano1
2005The Dim BulbSteve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty1
2006A Rock in the SnowFlaherty · Corsano · Yeh1
2006Blood PressureChris Corsano2
2006Chris Corsano & Ben Chasny / Paul MetzgerChris Corsano & Ben Chasny / Paul Metzger1
2006Full BottleFlaherty · Corsano1
2006The Young CricketerChris Corsano1
2008Monster ClubTony Bevan, Chris Corsano & Dominic Lash1
2009Another Dull DawnChris Corsano1
2009TsktskingJohn Edwards and Chris Corsano1
2010High and DryChris Corsano Band1
2010Identical SunsetsPaul Dunmall / Chris Corsano1
2010Mother / GroundhogChris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson, Bill Nace1
2012CutChris Corsano1
2012Scraps and ShadowsJoe McPhee & Chris Corsano1
2013The Raw and the CookedChris Corsano & Bill Orcutt2
2014Low Cost Space FlightsPaul Flaherty / Chris Corsano2
2015From Wolves to WhalesWooleyRempisNiggenkemperCorsano2
2015Various LiveChris Corsano & Bill Orcutt1
2015All the Ghosts at OnceMette Rasmussen, Chris Corsano1
2015A Little Off the TopGiovanni di Domenico, Peter Jacquemyn, Chris Corsano1
2015This Is Our LanguageRodrigo Amado, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler & Chris Corsano1
2015ParallelogramThurston Moore & John Moloney: Caught On Tape | Bishop - Orcutt - Corsano1
2016Salt TaskChris Corsano, Sylvie Courvoisier & Nate Wooley2
2016An Idea in EverythingDavid Greenberger, Glenn Jones & Chris Corsano1
201615.2.16Chris Corsano, Eddie Prévost, Joe McPhee, Orphy Robinson1
2016Star-Spangled VoltageMette Rasmussen, Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano1
2017Spinning JennyDaniel Levin, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Chris Corsano1
2017The Dull BladeSteve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty1
2018A History of NothingRodrigo Amado, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler & Chris Corsano1
2018Brace Up!Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt2
2018A View of the Moon (From the Sun)Chris Corsano, Mette Rasmussen1
2019No Place to FallRodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano1
2021Made Out of SoundChris Corsano & Bill Orcutt3
2022Belladonna GarnishChris Corsano, Ryley Walker, Andrew Scott Young1
2023Sometimes the Air IsSteve Swell, Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano1
2023The Flower SchoolZoh Amba, Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt2

Album + Live

2003Live at TonicWally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Chris Corsano1
2007A Glancing BlowEvan Parker, John Edwards & Chris Corsano1
2009The Live In LisbonChris Corsano & Virginia Genta1
2013Live in Vittorio VenetoVirginia Genta / David Vanzan / Chris Corsano2
2014Dream DefendersJoe McPhee & Chris Corsano Duo1
2014Live at VariousBill Orcutt & Chris Corsano1
2015The HurrahEvan ParkerJohn EdwardsChris Corsano1
2016Vooruit 17.05.2015Ghédalia Tazartès - Chris Corsano - Dennis Tyfus1
2018One Dollar HitsChris Corsano & Bill Orcutt1
2018Libra RisingOkkyung Lee, Ches Smith & Chris Corsano1
2019Tree DancingMcPhee, Corsano, Coxhill, Parker1


2013Live at PartnersBill Orcutt / Bill Nace / Chris Corsano1
2019Electric SmogThe Dwarfs of East Agouza / Corsano & Orcutt1
2021No More Fiction (Martian Man)Anna Oxygen & Chris Corsano1

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