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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Push Away From Falling ?:??
A Push Away From Falling (version) 5:53
Breathe 5:02
Breathe (Friends of Alice Ivy remix) 4:34
Burning 4:38
Burning (Conflagration mix by Adam-V) 4:36
Chemical Distraction 5:29
Chemical Distraction 5:29
Chemical Distraction (One More Hit) 4:58
Clear Shining 5:08
Clear Shining (radio edit) 3:38
Cold as the Night 5:13
Cold as the Night (Parralox remix) 5:49
Fear Is Rising 5:11
Fear Is Rising (Victims Ball remix) 5:08
Fooled Again 5:04
Fooled Again (Ex.Es remix) 4:03
Hand It Over 4:18
Hiding My Demons 5:51
Hiding My Demons (acoustic version) 5:37
Hiding My Demons (Secrets and Lies) 6:02
Horizon 4:21
Last Time ?:??
Liberation ?:??
Liberation (radio edit) 3:36
Liberation (radio edit) ?:??
Liberation (Suspiria mix) ?:??
Liberation (Us extended club mix) 9:05
Nothing 4:03
Pale Shelter ?:??
Shout Down 5:57
Shout Down (Beneath the Hand That Strikes) 4:19
Shout Down (Dave Foreman club mix) 9:25
Sounds Like a Melody 4:43
The Razor Fades 4:23
Walking on Water 5:20
Walking on Water (Drowning on Words) 4:42

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