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members: Farid Gharadjedaghi
Rolf Maier Bode
Discogs (as RMB Trax 2): https://www.discogs.com/artist/10922 [info]
Wikidata: Q1419266 [info]
Wikipedia: de: RMB (Band) [info]
en: RMB (band) [info]
fan pages: http://www.rmb-musik.com/ [info]
lyrics page: http://decoda.com/rmb-lyrics [info]
http://muzikum.eu/en/122-4567/rmb/lyrics.html [info]


Date Title Artist Length
Celebration Generation (R.M.B. remix) WestBam 6:22
Life Is Too Short (RMB remix) Kai Tracid 4:35
Milky Way 2001 (RMB remix) The Joker 7:06
Oh God! (RMB remix) Levine & Stephenson 6:07
Over the Rainbow (RMB remix) Marusha 6:36
Ready to Flow (RMB remix) Nikolai 6:06
Redemption (RMB remix) RMB 4:14
Redemption 2.0 (RMB club mix) RMB 8:38
Take Me Away (Into the Night) (RMB vocal remix) 4 Strings 6:39
Take Off (remix by RMB) Raver’s Nature 6:01