Luciano (Jamaican roots reggae singer Jepther McClymont)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Mankind Luciano 3:33
Many Things Luciano 4:07
Material Girl Luciano 3:54
Matthew 25, Verse 31-34 Luciano 3:23
Maybe Tomorrow Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 3:42
Meet You In Zion Luciano 3:53
Mek It Over Luciano ?:??
Melody Luciano 3:38
Mental War Uwe Banton & Luciano 4:22
Messenger Luciano 3:58
Messenger Luciano 3:49
Messenger Luciano 12:26
Messenger Luciano 4:38
Mighty God Is He Luciano 5:02
Moisés Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 3:37
More Love Luciano 3:34
Movin Out of Babylon Luciano 3:42
Moving On Luciano ?:??
Moving On Up Luciano 3:58
Moving Out Ah Babylon Luciano 3:40
Moving Out of Bablyon Luciano ?:??
Moving Up Luciano 4:05
Mr Governor (feat. Cocoa Tea) Luciano 3:56
Mr. Governor (feat. Cocoa Tea) Luciano 4:10
Mr. Minister Luciano 4:27
Mr. Minister Please (feat. Triston Palma) Luciano 4:21
Murder and Thief Luciano ?:??
Music Is Life Turbulence feat. Luciano 4:06
Music Is Life (feat. Turbulence) Luciano 4:05
My Papa Luciano 4:00
Nah Give Up Luciano 3:38
Nah Give Up Luciano 3:41
Nah Give Up Luciano 3:52
Nature Boy Luciano 3:59
Nature Boys Luciano 3:57
Neighbourhood Watch Luciano 3:49
Neighbourhood Watch Luciano & Stevie Wonder ?:??
Neighbourhood Watch (feat. Selvie Wonder) Luciano 3:47
Never Forget U Roots Luciano 3:49
Never Forget Your Roots Luciano 1:16
Never Give Up Luciano 3:41
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:53
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:47
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:25
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:22
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:12
Never Give Up My Pride Luciano 3:53
Never Giving In Luciano 4:01
Never Want the Youth Dem Die Capleton & Luciano 3:50
Never Want the Youth Dem Die Capleton & Luciano 3:12
Never Want the Youths Dem Die Capleton & Luciano 3:49
Never Want the Youths to Die Capleton feat. Luciano 3:52
New World in the Morning Luciano 4:00
No Blues Luciano 4:10
No convencerán Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 3:42
No Drugs Luciano 4:05
No Evil Luciano 4:09
No Gabbon (feat. Beres Hammond) Luciano 3:47
No Love to Give Luciano 4:11
No Matter Luciano ?:??
No Matter Luciano 3:55
No Night in Zion Luciano 4:40
No Problem Luciano 4:06
No Problem Luciano ?:??
No Where to Go To Luciano 3:09
No Where to Hide Luciano 3:52
No Worry Luciano 1:50
Not Easy Luciano 4:02
Not Until Luciano 3:28
Not Until Luciano 3:27
Nubian Queen Luciano ?:??
Oh Father Luciano 3:41
Oh Father I Love Thee Luciano 3:40
Oh Father I Love Thee Luciano 3:51
One Away Ticket Luciano 3:34
One God One Aim Inner Circle feat. Luciano 4:02
One Nation Luciano 3:45
One Way Ticket Luciano 3:43
One Way Ticket Luciano 3:42
One Way Ticket Luciano 5:40
Only a Fool Luciano 3:52
Only a Fool Luciano 3:41
Only Jah Can Save Us Now Luciano ?:??
Only Jah Knows Luciano 4:05
Only Love Luciano 3:50
Only Love Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 5:18
Only You Jah Luciano ?:??
Onward, Forward Luciano ?:??
Open Sasame Luciano 4:17
Our Love Will Never Die Luciano 3:54
Outro Luciano 0:17
Over and Over Luciano 4:08
Over the Hills Luciano 3:56
Over the Hills Luciano 3:09
Over the Hills Luciano 4:57
Over The Hills Luciano 4:04
Paradise Last (feat. Rochelle Bradshaw) Luciano 4:05
Patiently Luciano 3:50
Peace Luciano feat. Taffari & Lutan Fyah 4:02
Peace Lutan Fyah feat. Luciano and Taffari 4:02

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