Luciano (Jamaican roots reggae singer Jepther McClymont)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
God Is Love Luciano 4:30
God Is My Friend Luciano 4:29
God Must Have Sent You Luciano ?:??
God You See and Know Luciano 4:23
God's Love (feat. Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Triston Palma, Delly Ranks, Courtney Melody & Mitchigan) Luciano 3:36
Going Home Luciano 3:47
Going Home Luciano ?:??
Good God Luciano 4:12
Good God Luciano 4:11
Good God Luciano 4:01
Good God Luciano 3:50
Good Over Evil Luciano 3:59
Good Over Evil Luciano 3:54
Good Papa Luciano 4:03
Good Times Luciano 3:36
Good World Luciano 4:06
Good World Luciano 3:59
Great Change Luciano 3:46
Great Controversy Luciano 4:11
Guess What's Happening Luciano 4:01
Guess What's Happening Luciano 4:01
Guide Light Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 3:59
Hail King Selassie Capleton feat. Luciano 3:49
Hail King Selassie (feat. Capleton) Luciano 3:50
Hail King Selassie I Capleton & Luciano 3:49
Hail King Selassie I Capleton & Luciano 3:00
Hail King Selassie! Capleton & Luciano 3:49
Hail King Selassie! (Mixed by Jazzy T & DJ Kareem) Capleton & Luciano 3:10
Hail Rastafari Luciano 1:30
Hail the Comforter Luciano 3:46
Hammer Luciano 3:47
Hammer Luciano 1:21
Happy People Luciano 3:49
Hard Herbs Luciano 2:41
Hard Road Luciano 4:57
Hardcore Luciano 3:54
Have Faith Luciano 3:51
Have Mercy Luciano 3:53
He Luciano 4:04
He Luciano 11:00
He Is My Friend Luciano 4:01
He Is My Friend Luciano 7:20
He Is My Friend Luciano 3:59
He'll Have to Go Luciano 3:36
He's Alive Luciano ?:??
He's My Friend Luciano 3:47
Heavan Help Us All Luciano 2:40
Heaven Help Us All Luciano 4:04
Heaven Help Us All Luciano 3:50
Herb Minister Luciano 4:03
Highest Dub Inc feat. Luciano & Solo Banton 3:39
Hip Hop Hooray Luciano 6:46
His Imperial Majesty Luciano 7:10
Hold Me in Your Arms Luciano 3:43
Hold Me in Your Arms Luciano 3:47
Hold On Luciano 4:11
Hold on Natty (feat. Marcia Griffiths) Luciano 3:49
Hold on to Your Dreams Luciano 3:51
Hold On To Your Dreams Luciano 3:54
Hold Strong Luciano 4:09
Hold Strong Luciano 4:10
Hosanna Luciano ?:??
House of the Lord Luciano 4:36
How Can You Luciano 4:07
How Can You Luciano 3:56
How Can You (live) Luciano 3:50
How Long Luciano ?:??
Hoy Dread Mar-I Meets Luciano 3:31
Humble Yourself Luciano 3:50
I Ain’t Lyin Luciano feat. Travis Porter 3:06
I Am Not Sorry Luciano 3:49
I Am The Man Luciano 3:42
I Believe in Music Luciano 4:03
I Grow Up Luciano 3:44
I Know Jah Luciano 3:51
I Love Megamix Rootdown feat. Anthony B, Luciano, Maxim, Million Stylez, Mono & Nikitaman, Nattyflo, Natural Black & Ziggi ?:??
I Love You Woman Luciano 4:39
I Pray for Mama Africa Luciano ?:??
I Will Etana & Luciano 4:02
I Will Follow Luciano ?:??
I Will Survive Luciano 4:04
I Will Survive Luciano 4:09
I'm Stepping on It Luciano 4:01
I'm Stepping On It Luciano 4:04
I'm the Tuffest Luciano feat. Andrew Tosh 4:48
If Love Conquers All Luciano ?:??
If U Know Jah Luciano 3:49
In God or Man Luciano 5:27
In This Recession Luciano ?:??
In This Time Sizzla feat. Luciano 3:47
In This Time Luciano feat. Sizzla 3:54
In This Time (feat. Sizzla) Luciano 3:54
In This Together Luciano 4:37
In This Together Luciano 4:36
In This Together Luciano 7:00
In This Together (feat. Louie Culture & Terror Fabulous) Luciano 4:15
In This Together (live) Luciano 4:18
Indian Casino Megamix Evidence Music feat. Peetah Morgan, Anthony B, Denham Smith, Luciano, Ras P, Wayne Smith & Cali P. 5:08
Injustice Luciano 3:40
Injustice Luciano 3:37

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