Luciano (Jamaican roots reggae singer Jepther McClymont)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Come Into My World Luciano 3:35
Come Into My World Luciano 3:37
Come Jah Luciano 4:06
Come on Over Luciano 3:54
Cool & Settle Luciano 3:45
Cool and Settle Luciano 3:45
Crafty Luciano 3:55
Crazy Baldhead Beenie Man feat. Luciano 3:45
Crazy Baldhead Luciano 3:58
Crazy Baldhead Luciano & Beenie Man 4:00
Crazy Baldheads Luciano 5:00
Crazy Baldheads Beenie Man & Luciano 3:59
Crazy Baldheads Beenie Man & Luciano 2:23
Crazy Balheads Beenie Man & Luciano 4:02
Crazy Soundboys (RHP remix) Luciano & Beenie Man 3:05
Cry for Justice Luciano 3:48
Crying Out Luciano 4:17
Cut and Go Through Luciano 3:56
Da Rule Megamix Weedy G Soundforce feat. Cali P.,Danny English, Luciano, Mandingo, Queen Omega & Tony Tuff 4:59
Dancehall Vibes Luciano 3:58
Darkness Luciano 5:04
De Ole Ah Wee Luciano 3:57
Dead Already Luciano 1:32
Deliver Us From All Evil Luciano 4:11
Deliverance Luciano 3:04
Desperate Child Luciano 4:00
Desperate Lover Luciano 3:15
Desperate Lover Luciano 3:11
Divid and Rule Luciano 4:06
Don't Get Weary Weedy G Soundforce feat. Luciano 3:57
Don't Rush Now Luciano 3:49
Dont Throw Your Lives Away Luciano 3:46
Dub Fire Mega Mix (Dub Fire Riddim mix) Basque Dub Foundation feat. Luciano, Al Campbell, Sugar Minott, Pinchers, Cronicle & Uman 3:33
Dubplate Mix Rodigan feat. Luciano, Dennis Brown, Buju Banton 4:36
Echoes of My Mind Luciano 3:55
Empress Love Luciano 4:47
Ends of Never Luciano 3:52
Enough Is Enough Luciano 3:45
Enough Is Enough Luciano 3:45
Equal Rights Luciano 3:30
Equal Rights Luciano 3:30
Ethiopia Luciano 3:48
Eve of Destruction Luciano 3:36
Every Man Has His Way (feat. Beres Hammond & Tony Rebel) Luciano 3:57
Every One Is Asking Luciano 3:53
False Prophet Luciano 3:52
False Prophet Luciano 3:52
Father God Luciano 5:05
Feed the World Luciano 4:07
Feel Like Moving Luciano 4:26
Feel Like Paradise Luciano 3:40
Feeling for Love Luciano ?:??
Final Call Luciano 4:01
Final Call Luciano 4:00
Final Call Luciano 3:57
Final Call Luciano 6:08
Finall Call Dub Luciano 3:58
Foot Soljah Luciano 5:05
Footstool Luciano ?:??
For I Luciano 4:47
For the Leaders Luciano 3:59
For the Leaders Luciano 4:02
Forgive Them Lord Luciano 4:09
Free the World Luciano 4:19
Free Up the Herbalist Luciano 4:03
Free Up the Herbalist Luciano 4:03
Free Up the Herbalist Luciano 4:02
Free Up the World Luciano 4:32
Freedom Fighters Luciano 3:42
Freedom Train Luciano feat. Turbulence 3:54
Freedom Train Turbulence feat. Luciano 3:57
Friend In Need Luciano 4:01
Get Down Off It Luciano ?:??
Get Online Luciano 3:07
Getting Ready Luciano ?:??
Giddeon Luciano 3:46
Gideon Bus Luciano 3:45
Gideon War Luciano 3:32
Gideon War Luciano 1:46
Give Me the Power Luciano 3:54
Give Praise Luciano 4:17
Give Praise Luciano 4:17
Give Praises Luciano ?:??
Give Thanks Luciano 3:45
Glory to Jah Luciano 4:01
Go to Strive Luciano 4:09
God & King Luciano 3:52
God & King Luciano ?:??
God and King Luciano 3:55
God and King (Refix) Luciano 3:58
God Is Love Luciano 4:30
God Is My Friend Luciano 4:29
God Must Have Sent You Luciano ?:??
God You See and Know Luciano 4:23
God's Love (feat. Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Triston Palma, Delly Ranks, Courtney Melody & Mitchigan) Luciano 3:36
Going Home Luciano 3:47
Going Home Luciano ?:??
Good God Luciano 4:12
Good God Luciano 4:11
Good God Luciano 4:01

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