The Bull's Night OutSleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl11
Sun Record CompanySUN 130
Western GoldSleepy LaBeefVinyl10
Sun Record CompanySUN-138
Beefy RockabillySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl14
BellaphonBBS 2567
Downhome RockabillySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl12
Axis (Australian budget label dealing with EMI reissues)AX 7014965099970149616
Downhome RockabillySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl15
Charly RecordsCR 30172
Downhome RockabillySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl12
Sun Record CompanySUN-1014
Beefy RockabillySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl14
Charly Records77-CH44
It Ain't What You Eat It's The Way How You Chew ItSleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl13
ElectricitySleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl12
Nothin' but the TruthSleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl12
Rounder EuropaREU 10145014757630149
Nothin' but the TruthSleepy LaBeef12" Vinyl12
Nothin' but the TruthSleepy LaBeefCD12
RounderCD 3072
Strange Things HappeningSleepy LaBeefCD14
RounderCD 3129011661312920
Let's Turn Back The YearsSleepy LaBeefCD30
Larger Than LifeSleepy LaBeef6×CD32 + 31 + 27 + 26 + 27 + 16
  • DE1996-09-05
Bear Family RecordsBCD 15662 FI4000127156624
I'll Never Lay My Guitar DownSleepy LaBeefCD11
RounderCD 3142011661314221
A Rockin' DecadeSleepy LaBeefCD26
CPCD 83034017692315523
The Bull's Night Out / Western GoldSleepy LaBeefCD21
Collectables (US reissue label)Col 6435
Tomorrow Never ComesSleepy LaBeefCD14
M.C. Records (American roots music label)MC-0041660355733628
Greatest HitsSleepy LaBeefCD12
PAPA MUSICPMCD - 10118425845081779
Rockabilly BluesSleepy LaBeefCD12
Bullseye BluesCD BB 9631011661963122
Early, Rare And Rockin'Sleepy LaBeefCD34
  • -2006
PeWi RecordsPEWI 200668
Sleepy RocksSleepy LaBeefCD35
Bear Family RecordsBCD 15981 AR4000127159816
RootsSleepy LaBeefCD17
Ponk MediaPM 004884501046091
Blue Days, Black Nights / Completely DestroyedSleepy LaBeefDigital Media2
  • US2016-03-29
Ponk Media
Greatest HitsSleepy LaBeefCD12Selva Records (Spanish)8425845903309
Too Much Monkey Business / Got You On My MindSleepy LaBeef7" Vinyl2Plantation RecordsPL-55
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