Simon Indelicate

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Man Destroyed/The Day That I Was Born (reprise) ?:??
A Nasty Rash Of Many Colours ?:??
Cheer Up Mate! ?:??
Counting Blessings ?:??
Curse God, Job! ?:??
Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar ?:??
Feast! ?:??
God speaks to his creation ?:??
God speaks with Job ?:??
God speaks with Satan ?:??
God speaks with Satan; who in turn speaks with his daemons ?:??
Job continues to speak with his friends ?:??
Job laments his afflictions ?:??
Job speaks with his family ?:??
Job speaks with his friends ?:??
Job speaks with messengers ?:??
Mrs Job speaks with her children ?:??
Mrs Job's Lament ?:??
Praise Be To God ?:??
Satan descends into Hell ?:??
Satan speaks with his Daemons ?:??
Satan speaks with Mammon ?:??
Satan! ?:??
The Daemons' Scourge ?:??
The Day That I Was Born ?:??
The Indifferent Love Of The Lord Our God ?:??
The Land Of Uz ?:??
The Land Of Uz (reprise) ?:??
The Legions Of Hell On The March ?:??
The News Had Come... ?:??
The Theology Song ?:??
You Made Me To Love You (reprise) ?:??
You Made Me To Love You (So Why Don't You Love Me) ?:??
You Made Us To Love You ?:??

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