J.T. Lewis (jazz drummer)

~ Person


member of:Harriet Tubman
Material (group led by Bill Laswell)
Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection (from 1993 until 1995: membranophone)
original member of:Living Colour (from 1983 to ????: drums (drum set))
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Myspace:https://myspace.com/lewjames [info]
social networking:https://www.facebook.com/leftyrhythm [info]
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1989Still Got the Bluesdrums (drum set)Stanley Jordan5:23
1989The Lady in My Lifedrums (drum set)Stanley Jordan7:23
1991-11...at the same time as the subway train was pulling out of the station...drums (drum set)Kip Hanrahan5:19
1993-07-13Ah George, We Hardly Knew Yadrums (drum set)Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection18:22
1993-07-13Aseeko! (Get Up And Dance!)drums (drum set)Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection10:33
1993-07-13Capoeiradrums (drum set)Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection13:18
1993-07-13Kele Mou Banadrums (drum set)Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection14:24
1993-07-13Yebino Springdrums (drum set)Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection16:37
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-181529 Gunn Streetdrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet6:53
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Blues Somewheredrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:50
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Crazy Talesdrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet6:53
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18For Cynthiadrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:25
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18One for the Dondrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:16
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Shakill's IIdrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet11:12
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18The Sixth Sensedrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet11:24
1994-07 – 1996-06Blonde Woman Escapesmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan4:41
1994-07 – 1996-06Brown Eyed Woman Escapesmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan1:20
1994-07 – 1996-06Red Headed Woman Remains With the Merchantmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan4:41
1994-07 – 1998-03Commerce - Erica/Negro/Roby/JTmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan8:46
1994-07 – 1998-03Shahrazade Watches Birds Through an Alabaster Ceilingmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Jinniya Sleeps on the Alabaster Ceiling, the Coolness of the Stone...membranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Man Who Stole the Golden Plate From Which the Dog Had Eatenmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Tale of the Youth Behind Whom Indian and Chinese Music Was Played, and the Tale of the Jaundiced Youthmembranophone [trap drums]Kip Hanrahan9:34
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Common Grounddrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet7:54
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Easy Alicedrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:10
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01El Matadordrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet4:32
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Gratitudedrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet7:52
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Long Goodbyedrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:00
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Out of a Stormdrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet8:38
1996-09-30 – 1996-10-01Resting on the Roaddrums (drum set)David Murray Quartet10:30
2000-10-28For Fannie Lou HamerJT Lewisdrums (drum set) [drums]William Parker28:00
100 Year Old Gamedrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move10:55
And Thisdrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move13:41
Azure TemembranophoneReuben Wilson6:01
Blues for RWmembranophoneReuben Wilson6:09
Don’t Hurt a Womandrums (drum set)Lou Reed4:00
Feels Gooddrums (drum set)Teri Thornton3:21
Feels Like Itdrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move6:40
Go To Fardrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move8:56
Holding Ondrums (drum set)Material4:46
I Believe in Youdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton2:49
I Trydrums (drum set)Will Downing5:17
I'll Be Easy to Finddrums (drum set)Teri Thornton4:36
I'll Be Seeing Youdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton5:42
I'll Waitdrums (drum set)Will Downing4:31
It Ain't Necessarily Sodrums (drum set)Teri Thornton3:17
Kitchen Fire BluesmembranophoneReuben Wilson8:49
Knee Deep in the Bluesdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton7:14
Laughing Clubdrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move5:01
Lonelyvilledrums (drum set)Garland Jeffreys4:45
Love Is the Reasondrums (drum set)Myleka3:50
Mistrialdrums (drum set)Lou Reed3:23
Nature Boydrums (drum set)Teri Thornton4:52
No Money DownpercussionLou Reed3:10
Once in a WhilemembranophoneReuben Wilson4:32
Scrapple from the ApplemembranophoneReuben Wilson7:21
Somewhere in the Nightdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton3:47
Stella by StarlightmembranophoneReuben Wilson8:17
Still Got the BluesmembranophoneStanley Jordan5:06
Still GroovingmembranophoneReuben Wilson6:40
Streets of LaredomembranophoneReuben Wilson8:14
SummertimemembranophoneReuben Wilson7:38
Take a Chancedrums (drum set)Material4:33
Tell It to Your Heartdrums (drum set)Lou Reed5:13
The Flewdrums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move9:51
The Lord's Prayerdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton5:02
Thinking About Youdrums (drum set)Whitney Houston5:26
Time Outdrums (drum set)Material4:58
Where Are You Runningdrums (drum set)Teri Thornton2:52
Where's Your Cup?drums (drum set)Henry Threadgill & Make a Move11:15
Wishing Welldrums (drum set)Teri Thornton5:17
You Give Good Lovedrums (drum set)Whitney Houston4:37
1995-03-08 – 1995-03-09Sacred Common GroundmembranophoneDon Pullen