Edward Williams (British composer)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Gallimaufrey of Small Mammals 0 Duckbilled Platypus Swimming - Desman Underwater - Pygmy Silky Furred Anteater and Baby - Flying Foxes - The Serval Pounces (Programme 9: The Rise of the Mammals; Programme 10: Theme and Variation) 5:14
Birds in Flight - Stork - Fairy Tern - Sooty Tern - Tropic Bird - Frigate Bird - Albatross (Programme 9: Lords of the Air) 3:25
Comb Jellies - Hydromedusae - 'Birth' of a Medusa - Gymnopodie for Jellyfish (Programme 1: The Infinite Variety) 4:04
Coming Out Music - The Leaf Bug - The Spiny Leaf Insect Sheds its Skin - Cocoon Spinners (Programme 4: The Swarming Hordes) 4:14
Coral Larvae - Arabesque for Flatworms (Programme 2: Building Bodies) 2:10
Eusthenopteron and the Primeval Swamp (Programme 6: Invasion of the Land) 1:24
First Fossils - Blue Greens - Ciliates (Programme 1: The Infinite Variety) 3:59
Fish of the Sea - Shoals and Loners on the Reef (Programme 5: The Conquest of the Waters) 2:59
Japanese Macaques - Warm Baths in a Snowscape (Programme 12: Life in the Trees) 2:41
Life on Earth begins in the Sun's Energy (Programme 1: The Infinite Variety) 0:40
Life on Earth Begins in the Sun's Energy. ?:??
Man - A Choice for the Future of Life on Earth? (Programme 13: The Compulsive Communicators) 3:51
Mating Dance for Prairie Garter Snakes (Programme 8: Victors of the Dry Land 1:51
Nile Crocodile Family - Oral Transport for the Young (Programme 7: Victors of the Dry Land) 2:14
The Big Mammals - Elephants and Their Ancestors - Lion Hunt - Wildebeeste Stampede - Lion Kill (Programme 11: The Hunters and the Hunted) 2:43
The Giant Clam - Slow Dance for Nudibranches - Glaucus and Valella (Programme 2: Building Bodies) 3:31
The Sex Life of the Fern - Spores, Fertilization and Growth - Pine Cones and the Petrified Forest (Programme 3: The First Forests) 4:31

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