halc (OverClocked ReMixer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sonic Adventure 'Peacemaker' OC ReMix halc 3:57
Sonic CD 'WhACKASS WORKShIFTS' OC ReMix halc & Sir Jordanius 4:08
Sonic the Hedgehog 'Drowning My Lives Away' OC ReMix halc 3:53
Sonic the Hedgehog 'Shifting Islands' OC ReMix halc, Insixfour & PROTO·DOME 3:38
Sonic the Hedgehog 'Spring Junkie' OC ReMix halc 3:45
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Atmosphere' OC ReMix halc 4:06
Spiked Lemonade halc 3:17
Spiked Lemonade halc 3:18
Square Circle Circle halc 2:04
Squidzilla halc & Tuberz McGee 6:24
Stranded (Super Adventure Island II) halc 4:33
Such a Lovely Feeling Dr. halc feat. Sir J 5:23
Sunrise Montage halc 3:45
Sunrise/Montage halc 3:46
Super Mario 64 'The Third Dimension' OC ReMix halc 4:11
Super Mario 64 'Wings to the Sky' OC ReMix halc 3:01
Superphonic halc 2:16
Swept Away (Aquatic Ambience) halc 3:22
Swim halc 3:02
Ten One Hundred halc 1:26
Ten One Hundred halc 1:26
Tethered (Complete Supermix) halc 3:49
Tetris Attack 'Sound of the Dogfish' OC ReMix halc 4:30
The Ballad of Meta Knight (My Friend and the Setting Sun…) halc 4:12
The Beginning of a Beautiful and Highly Sexual Relationship halc & Tuberz McGee 5:04
The Controller halc 3:37
The Controller halc 3:38
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'This Triforce Has Too Many Pieces' OC ReMix halc 3:37
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures 'The Electric Flute' OC ReMix halc 2:51
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 'Serious Moon Business' OC ReMix halc & Miearth 3:24
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 'First Time on Outset' OC ReMix halc 2:59
The Never Ending Legend (Zelda: OoT & LttP) halc 4:10
The Observer ~Theme of Time Mage~ halc 3:55
This Broken Heart Has Too Many Pieces. halc 1 3:33
Time Decompression halc 2:54
Time Limit FAIL (Time Man vs. Metal Man) halc 0:51
Tiny Huge Ocean halc 4:15
Triangulation halc & Miearth 4:53
Uncontrollable Bouncy Ball halc 2:06
Vertigo Halc 3 3:47
Vertigo halc 3:47
Vitamins for Speakers halc & Skrypnyk 3:21
Volāre Dr. halc 3:46
Watch Me Now Dr. halc feat. DiGi Valentine 3:51
We Made It This Far, Finally halc & Miearth 4:34
Welcome to Club Kong (DK Island Swing) halc feat. brentalfloss 3:25
Welcome to the Galaxy (Milky Way Wishes Map) halc 3:24
WhACKASS WORKShIFTS (instrumental) [Wacky Workbench (JP/EU)] halc & Sir Jordanius 3:50
What Love Is? halc 3:18
When Late Becomes Early halc & Miearth 4:06
Where Good Scarecrows Go to Die halc 4:00
White Noise Tides halc feat. WillRock 3:02
White-Out halc 2:15
White-Out halc 2:15
Worst Case Scenario Future (Collision Chaos & Under Ground) halc 4:32
Worst Case Scenario Future (Sonic CD) halc 4:32
Yoshi Touch & Go 'Baby Blue Sky' OC ReMix Chimpazilla & halc 3:34
Zero G halc 3:35
Zero-G halc 3:35

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