halc (OverClocked ReMixer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
._____. [unexpected reboot] halc 3:42
[Bonus] Competitive Snowballing Halc 3 3:03
#FUBAR halc 2:26
>>HIGHSPEEDCHASE>> halc 2:32
¬dreamsequence¬ halc 3:11
17-bit halc 2:17
17-Bit halc 2:16
509 halc 2:25
A Hog in His Prime Brandon Strader, halc & WillRock 5:36
A, B, C, Start! halc & OA 0:33
Aggressive Blue Magic (Strago) halc 4 5:00
Avoid Direct Sunlight halc 3:47
Back Then halc 2:53
Bad Decisions halc 3:20
Bad Decisions halc 3:21
BAD_INFLUENCE (Benjamin Briggs Remix) halc 3:01
Be More Chill (feat. WillRock) halc 4:07
Below the Surface halc 3:18
Bicycle Rights halc 3:38
Bicycle Rights halc 3:38
Black Hole Boogie (Space Jungle) halc 3:40
Blackout! Halc 3 3:18
Blast Radius (Mega Man X3) halc 3:10
Blooper Reeling (Super Mario World) halc 3:17
Bottles halc 3:43
Choose Your Name Wisely (EarthBound) halc 2:24
Chrono Cross 'Timewarp' OC ReMix DjjD feat. Benjamin Briggs, Giles Teskey, Jeff Ball, Krank, Luke Keever & halc 4:42
Chrono Trigger 'The Last Schala Mix Ever' OC ReMix Brandon Strader & halc 3:39
Class of 2089 halc 3:35
Collision Detector (Collision Chaos & Splash Hill) halc 3:58
Come Down Now halc 1:53
Competitive Snowballing halc 3:03
Cupcakes in Space halc & Tuberz McGee 4:27
Da Mines (Dj CUTMAN remix) halc 4:48
Da Mines (Mining Melancholy) halc 3:15
Dead Pixels halc 4:52
Deus Ex 'Human Soldier' OC ReMix halc 4:02
Don't Make Me Cut You (Blade Man in Wily Castle 10-1) halc feat. Nutritious & WillRock 3:47
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 'The Forest That Never Sleeps' OC ReMix halc 3:59
Donkey Kong Country 3 'Aquatic Transformations' OC ReMix halc feat. Level 99 5:01
Donkey Kong Country 3 'Kingfisher's Stream' OC ReMix (OC ReMix version) halc & Mattias Häggström Gerdt 5:12
DriveTime 103.3 halc 2:44
Drufs halc 2:49
Dubsection (Final Fantasy Tactics) halc 3:23
Duel-Seeking Eyes halc 2:50
EarthBound 'The Great Blizzard of '9X' OC ReMix halc 3:26
Ecco: The Tides of Time 'Another Seascape' OC ReMix halc 4:19
Emergence halc 2:46
Encore (Nice Headache) halc 3:59
Encore: Color of Orange (Miearth Mix) halc 6:50
Explode in Peace (Bomberman 64) halc 4:18
Fighting Famicom halc 3:55
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls 'The Crumbling Facade' OC ReMix Brandon Strader feat. halc 3:32
Final Fantasy IX 'Ground Zero' OC ReMix halc 3:40
Final Fantasy V 'Sinking Deeper' OC ReMix halc 4:03
Final Fantasy VI 'Ruffneck Terra' OC ReMix halc 4:42
Final Fantasy X 'A Fine Place to Live' OC ReMix halc 4:20
First Headache halc 2:16
First Headache halc 2:16
Flat Tire halc 2:11
Floating Away halc 2:56
Floating Away halc 2:56
Floating Away (theStark Loft Mix) halc 4:03
Floating Higher halc 2:01
Floating Higher halc 2:01
Floating Higher (JR Mix) halc 5:45
Flower Power (Yoshi's Island) halc 3:21
Flowers, Peace & Rosy Cheeks (The Road Is Full of Dangers) halc 2:30
Forever Frozen (In a Snow-Bound Land) halc 3:37
Freefall halc 1:32
Future Sight Halc 3 3:06
Futuristica halc 3:46
Futuristica halc 3:47
Geometric Shapes (mGB edit) halc 2:01
Giraffes Don't Take Kindly to Landmines halc & Tuberz McGee 5:34
Grape Soda (Sea Stage) halc & PROTODOME 2:43
Gravity Ain’t No Fun halc feat. DiGi Valentine 4:56
H.A.L.C. OS halc 4:20
Heart Container halc 3:56
Hearts halc 1:22
High Gravity halc 4:29
Higher Reasoning halc 4:18
Higher Reasoning halc 4:18
Higher Reasoning (Flexstyle VHS Superstar Mix) halc 4:25
How to Charm a Witch halc 2:53
Human Eyes halc 3:13
Human Eyes halc 3:14
Hydrocity halc 3:37
I Found Love halc feat. Detective Tuesday & Jaymyria Etienne 4:33
I Think I Broke It (I'm Really Sorry!) halc 2:33
I Wish It Would Rain halc 3:27
Il Colosseo halc 3:06
In the Reading of This Title, You Hereby Agree That All Your Base Are Belong to Wily (Block Rockman Beats vs. Wily Machine #6) WillRock feat. halc 3:28
Inertia halc 3:38
Infinite Floating Halc 3 2:42
Into the Stratosphere Halc 3 2:20
It's Kinda Like Jazz? halc & Tuberz McGee 5:46
K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere, Krematoa Koncerto) halc 3:47
Kingfisher's Stream (Cascade Capers) (album version) halc & Mattias Häggström Gerdt 5:00
Kirby Super Star 'Blowing Bubbles in Space' OC ReMix halc 3:46

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