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Name ISRCs Rating Length
2:07 Am ?:??
Al Quint Is an Emo Pussy ?:??
All I Care About Is Me, My Rum and You ?:??
Another Sappy Song About Hate 3:49
Another Sappy Song About Hate ?:??
Bail Out 3:08
Battle Hymn for the Recluse Youth, Part 1 ?:??
Battle Hymn for the Recluse Youth, Part 2 ?:??
Battle Hymn for the Reclusive Youth, Part 1 2:05
Birds Fly ?:??
Boat In Boiling Water 4:00
Can't Remember Shit 3:48
Do They Make Tin Foil Beer Helmets? Cuz I Want One! 1:07
Fuck You This Place Is Dead Anyway 2:21
Fuck You Yams 3:52
Fuck You, This Place Is Dead Anyway 2:34
Get Your Gentrification Out of My Aburguesamiento 3:45
Hold My Hand to Make Them Go Away 4:15
I Am Not "o" Anymore 2:04
I Spent My Spring Break in Vancouver B.C. and All I Got Was This Dumb Song 3:47
I Want to Be Sedated 2:05
It's Amazing, the Things You Find in Your Pocket After a Bender 3:21
Jill’s the Best 3:41
Kids Enthralled by Fish, Erie PA. 7:21
Lullaby ?:??
Make Like a Tree and Fuck Off 1:39
Manilla 2:10
New York State 2:56
Rinse ?:??
Shit Your Pants (A Rock Opera) 2:51
Skyway 2:56
Song That Used to Be Called Aaron's Song ?:??
Talkin' About Eating Pussy and Drinking a Bucket Full of Cum in a Town Full of Pig Pens 3:19
Teach Your Children Hell 2:20
Texas 10 ?:??
The Box 5:25
Whisper to a Scream 3:31
Yet Another Obligatory Pertylike Tiltwheel Song Except This Time It's Like Magic Poetry 4:11

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