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original members: Racso Agroyam (electronic instruments) (1993 –)
Erk Aicrag (lead vocals) (1993 –)
signed by: Out of Line
has catalogue: Crónicas letales
tours: Hocico Ofensor Tour 2016
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Date Title Artist Length
2015 Ofensor (limited edition) Hocico
2015 Auf der Flucht Hocico 4:55
2015 Bienvenido a La Maldad Hocico 4:34
2015 Black Opium Hocico 4:46
2015 Black Opium (Aneto remix by Heimatærde) Hocico 4:28
2015 Black Opium (Flames From Hell by Salem Witch Switch) Hocico 4:46
2015 Black Opium (H.EXEcution by H.EXE) Hocico 3:38
2015 Déjà-Vu Siniestro Hocico 3:32
2015 El Destello En El Cristal Hocico 3:05
2015 Heart Attack Hocico 5:04
2015 Heart Attack (remixed by Jak Syn) Hocico 5:24
2015 Heart Attack (Unzyme's Hyperventilation Shaft remix) Hocico 3:39
2015 I Will Be Murdered (4 Minutes of Horror) Hocico 4:30
2015 In the Name of Violence Hocico 4:42
2015 Made of Hate Hocico 4:49
2015 Mind Circus Hocico 4:51
2015 Mind Circus (Darkstaar vs. AJ Afterparty remix) Hocico 4:53
2015 Muerte en Reversa Hocico 4:14
2015 Ofensor Hocico 4:15
2015 Ofensor (remixed by Orbitales) Hocico 4:04
2015 Ofensor (remixed by Powerotik) Hocico 4:27
2015 Relentless Hocico 5:09
2015 Relentless (Elektrosauerkraut remix von Ost+Front) Hocico 3:45
2015 Sex Sick Hocico 5:03
2015 Sex Sick (remixed by Twisted Destiny) Hocico 5:24
2015 Sex Sick (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket) Hocico 5:22
2015 The 5th Circle Hocico 2:09
2015 What Are You Doing in My Dream? Hocico 5:01
Animal (Hocico mix) Terminal Choice 5:27
Comatose Delusion (Hocico mix) Suicide Commando 5:29
I Say Go... (Hocico-mix) Accessory 5:14
In the Name of Violence (Sex-O-Sex version by Hocico) Hocico 4:41
Murder Fantasies (Hocico Reflux remix) CHROM 5:03
Say Something (Batfloor – Hocico club mix) Blutengel 4:54
Sterbehilfe (remix by Hocico) Suicide Commando 6:42
The 11th Hour (Hocico remix) Aesthetic Perfection 5:19