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2014Mysterious MagicDo As Infinity1


2000BREAK OF DAWNDo As Infinity54
2001NEW WORLDDo As Infinity35
2001DEEP FORESTDo As Infinity46
2002TRUE SONGDo As Infinity44
2003GATES OF HEAVENDo As Infinity45
2005NEED YOUR LOVEDo As Infinity8
2009ETERNAL FLAMEDo As Infinity33
2011EIGHTDo As Infinity3
2012TIME MACHINEDo As Infinity3
2012Do As Infinity XDo As Infinity2
2015BRAND NEW DAYSDo As Infinity3
2018ALIVEDo As Infinity2
2019Do As InfinityDo As Infinity2

Album + Compilation

2002Do The BestDo As Infinity6
2004Do The B-SideDo As Infinity4
2005Do The A-SideDo As Infinity54
2006Do The Best "Great Supporters Selection"Do As Infinity2
2006Do As Infinity Instrumental Collection "MINUS V"Do As Infinity2
2006Do The BoxDo As Infinity1
2014The Best of Do As InfinityDo As Infinity2
2014Winter Ballad COLLECTIONDo As Infinity1
2015Anime and Game COLLECTIONDo As Infinity1
20162 of Us [RED] -14 Re:SINGLES-Do As Infinity4
20162 of Us [BLUE] -14 Re:SINGLES-Do As Infinity4
2019Do the B-Side 2Do As Infinity1
2021Do the CompleteDo As Infinity2

Album + Live

2002DEEP FOREST: LIVE TOUR 2001Do As Infinity1
2003Do The LiveDo As Infinity1
2004Do As Infinity: LIVE IN JAPANDo As Infinity1
2006Do As Infinity -Final-Do As Infinity3
2016Do As Infinity 16th Anniversary 〜October's Garden〜Do As Infinity3

Album + Remix

2019LoungeDo As Infinity1


1999Tangerine DreamDo As Infinity1
1999HeartDo As Infinity1
2000OasisDo As Infinity1
2000Yesterday & TodayDo As Infinity1
2000rumble fishDo As Infinity1
2000We are.Do As Infinity1
2001DesireDo As Infinity1
2001遠くまでDo As Infinity1
2001Week!Do As Infinity1
2001深い森Do As Infinity2
2001冒険者たちDo As Infinity2
2002陽のあたる坂道Do As Infinity42
2002under the sun / under the moonDo As Infinity1
2002真実の詩Do As Infinity2
2003魔法の言葉 〜Would you marry me?〜Do As Infinity3
2003本日ハ晴天ナリDo As Infinity3
2003Do As Infinity3
2004楽園Do As Infinity3
2005For the futureDo As Infinity2
2005TAODo As Infinity2
2009∞1Do As Infinity2
2010君がいない未来Do As Infinity4
2010∞2Do As Infinity1
2011誓いDo As Infinity2
2011アリアドネの糸Do As Infinity2
2011黄昏Do As Infinity2
2014Mysterious MagicDo As Infinity3
2015深い森 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015遠くまで [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015本日ハ晴天ナリ [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015Desire [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015Week! [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015魔法の言葉〜Would you marry me?〜 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015under the sun [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015真実の詩 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015We are. [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015Oasis [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2015Yesterday & Today [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016For the future [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016楽園 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016柊 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016冒険者たち [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016陽のあたる坂道 [2 of Us]Do As Infinity2
2016ハレルヤ / エレジーDo As Infinity1
2017Alive / Iron HornetDo As Infinity3
2017To Know YouDo As Infinity2
2017化身の獣Do As Infinity3

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