Lords of Acid

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Take Control 4:40
Take Control 4:43
Take Control 4:43
Take Control 2:54
Take Control (instrumental) 4:30
Take Control (radio version) 3:31
Take Control (Rave 'Til Dawn US CD Version) 4:42
Take Control (remix) 4:34
Take Off 1:05
Take Off (instrumental, "Stript" version) 1:15
The Crablouse 4:15
The Crablouse (Joey's "Nothing Can Kill It") 1:32
The Crablouse (Joey's "Sample to the Lab") 8:35
The Crablouse (Joey's "The Seven Year Itch") 5:00
The Crablouse (Ludo's "Coming Even Harder") 5:05
The Crablouse (Ludo's "It's There to Stay") 5:09
The Crablouse (Ludo's "No Visible Symptoms") 5:27
The Crablouse (Roli's "Cured by Muscle") 8:07
The Crablouse (Roli's "The Body Is Our Destiny") 5:15
The Crablouse (The Crablouse in Its Native Environment) 4:14
The Crablouse (Van Acker mix) 4:40
The Crablouse (Whatever You Do, Remain Calm) 4:14
The Dude BEC019900296 3:33
The Love Bus 3:19
The Mirror BEC019900299 4:08
The Most Wonderful Girl 2 4:47
The Most Wonderful Girl 4:46
The Most Wonderful Girl 3:39
The Power Is Mine 4:22
The Power Is Mine ("In Your Hand" mix) 5:50
The Real Thing 3:33
The Real Thing 3:33
The Real Thing 3:32
The Stripper 3:39
The Wet Dream 3:52
Trippy Mushrooms ?:??
Undress and Possess BEC019900293 5:20
Undress and Possess, Part 2 4:55
Vampire Girl 4:01
Venus 4:55
Voodoo-U 3:58
Voodoo-U 3:55
Voodoo-U 3:56
Who Do You Think You Are? 3:19
Who Do You Think You Are? 3:00
Worship the Lords 3:48
You Belong to Me (instrumental, "Stript" version) 4:04
You Belong to Me / Horror Movie 9:41
You Wanna Suck My Pussy 2:49
Young Boys 3:55
Young Boys 3:54
Young Boys 4:02
Young Boys Go to Studio 54 3:27

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