Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Garden of Bells 10:12
A Medieval Bestiary: I. Leo the Lion (feat. baritone: George Roberts) 2:18
A Medieval Bestiary: II. The Panther 1:36
A Medieval Bestiary: III. The Antelope 0:54
A Medieval Bestiary: IV. The Elephant (feat. soprano: Siri Olesen) 3:04
A Medieval Bestiary: IX. They Hyaena 1:31
A Medieval Bestiary: V. Castor the Beaver 2:24
A Medieval Bestiary: VI. The Unicorn 1:23
A Medieval Bestiary: VII. The Weasel 1:19
A Medieval Bestiary: VIII. The Manticore 2:01
A Medieval Bestiary: X. The Bonnacon (The Bison) 1:41
A Medieval Bestiary: XI. The Bestiary 2:25
Epitaph 6:20
Epitaph for Moonlight 4:02
Epitaph for Moonlight 3:43
Felix's Girls: Gretchen, Hermine, Irma, Mary-Lou, Jou-Jou, Claudette, Margaret, Ashtoreth, Lotte 11:24
Fire 3:51
Gamelan 2:37
Magic Songs 14:53
Miniwanka 4:52
Once on a Windy Night (feat. soprano: Aldona McLean) 15:25
Seventeen Haiku: I. At dawn green sunlight 1:34
Seventeen Haiku: II. A cool breeze, winding 1:33
Seventeen Haiku: III. Splashes of water 1:25
Seventeen Haiku: IV. A shell wind chime 1:59
Seventeen Haiku: IX. A breath of cool air 1:22
Seventeen Haiku: V. The wind is blowing 1:01
Seventeen Haiku: VI. One by one by one 2:26
Seventeen Haiku: VII. The stony river rippling 0:53
Seventeen Haiku: VIII. A flash of lightning! 1:31
Seventeen Haiku: X. Look up! 0:17
Seventeen Haiku: XI. "Higurashi" hymn 1:18
Seventeen Haiku: XII. Now a bell cricket 1:02
Seventeen Haiku: XIII. The whole village 1:57
Seventeen Haiku: XIV. Lantern festival dance! (feat. tenor: Jonathan Quick) 1:51
Seventeen Haiku: XV. The "Kiyari" song 2:55
Seventeen Haiku: XVI. No sound to be heard 1:09
Seventeen Haiku: XVII. A note from a bell 1:44
Snowforms 6:54
Sun 9:54
Vox Naturae (feat. offstage conductor: George Roberts, tenor: Jonathan Quick, offstage quartet: Katherine Goheen, Liz Hamel, Gordon Crozier & George Roberts) 16:57

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