Name ISRCs Rating Length
《拉克》木卡姆序歌 (Sarahbar From Lake Mukam) 8:08
Aijiemu (Dutar Duet) 8:30
Festive Happiness (Suona Solo) 7:25
First Dastana from Lake Mukam (Sato Solo) 2:30
Jula From Muxiaweireke Mukam (Aijieke Solo) 5:19
Kuerle Sanam (Suona Solo) 6:02
Lahan (Dutar Solo) 2:41
Paxiru From Wuzihale Mukam (Instrumental Ensemble) 3:10
Song of the Herdsman (Dizi Solo) 3:22
Taxvai (Rawap Solo) 7:04
Tazak from Oxak Mukam (Sato Solo) 5:24
Tazak from Qebiyat Mukam (Instrumental Ensemble) 3:53
The Red Rose (Dongbula Sola) 2:58
Xiadiyana (Aijieke Solo) 5:57
Xiadiyana (Rawap Solo) 6:06
Yearning towards my Love (Dutar Solo) 3:34
上山尋親人 (Visit My Sweetheart in the Mountain) 2:30
你不要害我 (Don’t Torment Me, Dear) 6:02
在你的天上有沒有月亮 (Please Treasure My Love) 4:48
多實黑妮姆 (Oh, My Dear) 3:20
姑麗買熱姆 (Charming Mairemu) 5:13
就一顆心 (With My Heart) 2:36
心願 (Yearning for Love) 5:55
愛惜那疆 (Missing My Lover) 4:29
我的花兒 (My Flower) 1:44
故鄉之戀 (Love for Homeland) 4:46
瑪依拉 (Mayila) 2:10
美麗的喀什葛爾 (The Scenic Kashgar) 3:16
美麗的姑娘 (The Beautiful Girl) 2:15
艾斯塔乃 (True Love) 4:00
親人啊 (My Sweetheart) 4:06
阿拉木汗 (Alamuhan) 1:37
頌白泉 (Ode to the Spring) 2:56

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