Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Change Will Do You Good ?:??
A Job Like That ?:??
A Man Took a Girl ?:??
A Pity to Waste It ?:??
Ain't Dat a Shame? ?:??
Ain't You My Lulu? ?:??
All Birds Look Like Chickens to Me ?:??
All Doing a Little Bit ?:??
Any Old Place I Can Hang My Hat Is Home, Sweet Home to Me ?:??
Ask Me Not ?:??
At the Pan-I-Marry-Can Pan-Am ?:??
Big Black Annie's Birthday Ball ?:??
Can't Stop ?:??
Cold Feet ?:??
Different Styles of Singing ?:??
Enoch Brown ?:??
Go 'way Back and Sit Down ?:??
How the Irish Beat the Band ?:??
How'd You Like to Be the Iceman? ?:??
I Didn't Know Till Afterwards ?:??
I Want Someone to Care for Me ?:??
I Wonder If He's Waiting ?:??
I'm Lookin' At You, Lizz ?:??
I'm Not Particular ?:??
I've Waited, Honey, Waited Long for You ?:??
In the Morn ?:??
Is There Anything Else You'd Like? ?:??
Just Think This Over ?:??
Mandy, Will You Be My Lady Love? ?:??
Miss Helen Hunt ?:??
My Old Westchester Home ?:??
My Word! What a Lot of It ?:??
Never Mind the Moon ?:??
Norah, Dear ?:??
Nothing Like That in Our Family ?:??
Oh, Don't It Tickle You? ?:??
One Touch of Nature ?:??
Parody on Because I Love You ?:??
Parody on the Moth and the Flame ?:??
Sarah From Syracuse ?:??
She Was There ?:??
Since Malinda Hinda's in the Syndicate ?:??
Somebody's Mother ?:??
Such Doings ?:??
Tact ?:??
Take Care, Beware ?:??
That Minstrel Man of Mine ?:??
The Naughty Banana Peel ?:??
The Shadows on the Door ?:??
The Song That Will Live Forever ?:??
The Tale of the Bucket ?:??
The Tick, Tack, Tocking of the Clocking on Her Stocking ?:??
The Turkey and the Turk ?:??
The White Silk Dress ?:??
They Don't Speak to One Another Now ?:??
Time Is Money ?:??
Up Came Johnny With His Camera ?:??
Vaudeville Specialty, No. 5 ?:??
When a Woman Loves ?:??
You Can't Think of Everything ?:??
You Said A'plenty ?:??
You'll Have to Get Off and Walk ?:??

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