Felix da Housecat (Felix Stallings, Jr.)

~ Person

Performance name of: Felix Stallings, Jr.

Also performs as: Aphrohead, Aura and Thee Dove, Electrikboy, Live IV Life (Felix Stallings, Jr.), Outerealm, Rocketmann!, Sharkimaxx, The Visionary (Felix Stallings, Jr.), Thee Cat in da Hat, Thee Dawnsmen, Thee Housecat Experience, Thee Jamie Starr Scenario, Thee Liaisons Scenario, Thee Maddkatt Chronicles, Thee Maddkatt Courtship, Venus (Felix Stallings, Jr.), Wizdom (Felix Stallings, Jr.), Yesterday Dreamers, Zeka (Felix Stallings, Jr.)



1995Metropolis Present Day? Thee Album!Felix da Housecat4
2001Kittenz and Thee GlitzFelix da Housecat8
2004Devin Dazzle and the Neon FeverFelix da Housecat4
2007Virgo Blaktro and the Movie DiscoFelix da Housecat4
2009He Was KingFelix da Housecat4
2011Mixmag Presents: Son of AnalogueFelix da Housecat2
2015Narrative of Thee Blast IllusionFelix da Housecat1

Album + Compilation

2005Playboy: The Mansion SoundtrackFelix da Housecat2

Album + Compilation + Remix

2017Thee Glitz Part Deux Remix EditionFelix da Housecat1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1997Clashbackk Compilation MixFelix da Housecat1
1997Transmissions, Volume 2: Essential House MixFelix da Housecat1
2000Bugged OutJustin Robertson / Felix da Housecat1
2008Global Underground 034: Felix da Housecat in MilanFelix da Housecat2
2011All Gone Ibiza 11Pete Tong / Felix da Housecat1

Album + Remix

2002Madame Hollywood / Silver Screen Shower Scene RemixesFelix da Housecat1


1993Nu - World!Felix da Housecat1
1993Thee LightAphrohead aka Felix da Housecat1
1993Thee DawnFelix "Da" Housecat1
1994The Morning AfterFelix da Housecat1
2001What Does It Feel Like?Felix da Housecat2
2001Silver Screen Shower SceneFelix da Housecat8
2001HarlotFelix da Housecat1
2002Madame HollywoodFelix da Housecat2
2003CyberwhoreFelix da Housecat1
2004Ready 2 WearFelix da Housecat1
2004Rocket RideFelix da Housecat1
2004Watching Cars Go ByFelix Da Housecat1
2005Don’t You Go AwayHarrison Crump & Felix da Housecat1
2005Jack U vs. I’ll House YouDiddy & Felix da Housecat1
2007Future Calls the DawnFelix da Housecat2
2007Like Something 4 Porno!Felix da Housecat2
2008RadioFelix da Housecat3
2008TweakFelix da Housecat2
2008ArtificialKris Menace starring Felix da Housecat feat. Fred Falke1
2009We All Wanna Be PrinceFelix da Housecat4
2009LA RaversFelix da Housecat2
2009KickdrumFelix da Housecat1
2010Thee AnthemFelix da Housecat2
2013Sinner Winner (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)Felix da Housecat1
2013Sinner Winner (a cappella version)Felix da Housecat1
2013I Just Want to Be a LesbianFelix da Housecat feat. Romina Cohn3
2013SilenceFelix da Housecat1
2016Touch Your BodyFelix Da Housecat, Jamie Principle, Vince Lawrence AKA The 3122
2017In Thee NowFelix da Housecat1
2017Founders of Filth Volume OneFelix da Housecat2
2017ContradictionFelix da Housecat, Hoopalaï & Thee FFF1
2017Founders of Filth Volume ThreeFelix da Housecat1
2018Founders of Filth Volume FourFelix da Housecat1
2018Founders of Filth Volume FiveFelix da Housecat1
2018Founders of Filth Volume SixFelix da Housecat1
2018Midnight BangFelix da Housecat1
2018Cats Love VelvetFelix da Housecat & Kristin Velvet1
2018Founders of Filth Volume SevenFelix da Housecat1
2018Cats Love Velvet IIFelix Da Housecat & Kristin Velvet1
2018Founders of Filth Volume EightFelix da Housecat1
2019Founders of Filth Volume NineFelix da Housecat1
2019Cats Love Velvet IIIFelix Da Housecat & Kristin Velvet1
2019Thee Trk!Felix da Housecat & Chris Trucher2
2019IsssaPARTYFelix da Housecat & Dave the Hustler1
2020Lonely2LiveFelix da Housecat & Jamie Principle1
2020Chicago LoveFelix da Housecat & Chris Trucher1
2020Acid Hammer TrainDanny Howard, Felix Da Housecat & Mr H's2
2020My Life MuzikFelix da Housecat & Ali Love1
2020WonderjoyFelix da Housecat1
2020Cats Love Velvet IVFelix Da Housecat & Kristin Velvet1
2020NANANAFelix da Housecat & Blakk Hazel1
2020Sweat!Felix da Housecat, Dave The Hustler & Blakk Hazel1
2021All I DoFelix da Housecat & Chris Trucher1
2021ILL’NOIZEFelix da Housecat1
2021I DiscoverFelix da Housecat & Chris Trucher1
2021Vin rougeFelix da Housecat, Blakk Hazel & Dave The Hustler1
2021Berlin SanfrandiscoBenny Benassi, Felix Da Housecat & Steve ’Miggedy’ Maestro1
2021Obsession XFelix da Housecat, Dave The Hustler & Erire1
2021DazzlerFelix da Housecat, Gettoblaster & Devon James1
2022Silver Screen (Shower Scene)David Guetta, Felix da Housecat & Miss Kittin1
2022Go HardFelix Da Housecat, Dave The Hustler & Lenka Paris1

Single + Remix

2008Jack U RemixedDiddy & Felix da Housecat2
2009Kickdrum (Arveene & Misk remix)Felix da Housecat1
2013Sinner Winner (Green Velvet Remix)Felix da Housecat1
2013Sinner Winner (Let’s Be Friends remix)Felix da Housecat1
2013Burn the Disco (Remixes)Felix da Housecat feat. will.i.am1
2017Zaman (Remixes)Felix da Housecat & Thee Nese Djouma Projesi1
2017Zaman (Moguai remix)Felix da Housecat & Thee Nese Djouma Projesi1
2020My Life Is Music (Jonas Blue Remix)Felix da Housecat, The Visionary & Jonas Blue1
2021Lift Off (Radio Slave Remixes)Nez, Felix Da Housecat & Radio Slave1
2021Happy Days (Felix da Housecat & Chris Trucher edit)Northend, Felix Da Housecat & Chris Trucher1
2022Silver Screen (Shower Scene) (Deborah de Luca remix)Felix da Housecat1


1993FreakadelicaFelix da Housecat3
1993TemptationFelix da Housecat3
1995The Chaos EngineFelix da Housecat1
2013Sinner Winner EPFelix da Housecat2
2018BelieveFelix da Housecat, Jamie Principle & Clarian1
2020His WordFelix da Housecat & Rocketmann1

EP + Remix

1995Metropolis Present Day? Thee RemixesFelix da Housecat2
2020Ready 2 Wear EPFelix da Housecat, Dallas Austin & Chris Trucher1

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